Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pre-WoTLK fix

Well as we all know, WoW was down for most of last night due to Maintenance issues. Hope no one was banking all that night for last minute leveling. I had wanted to get on to finish off some offloading of quests and bank stuff. Oh well. Tonight before I leave for Game Stop I'll take care of all that.

However, Monday night I was able to go on a Zul'Gurub run. Six other guildies wanted the achievement. I offered to come along because I really wanted to see the instance again. I haven't been in that instance in over two years! wow.

None of the nifty mounts dropped but it was fun getting to see the fights again on easy mode. Hakkar still proved to be difficult. With only seven of us to get blood of Hakkar and drained it was slow going. Also, we didn't have a boss timer for Hakkar so we had to use the built in stop watch which wasn't easy.

The biggest kicker was that Hakkar wasn't doing much to our group but the mind control was eating us up. Warrior and Rogue tearing up our clothies. hehehe. We tried to get more guildies to come but they were all off doing other achievement goals as well. You escape this time Hakkar!

I also got to see Molten Core again a few weeks ago. Taint, Felix, and myself went in and got Taint a core hound for his hunter. I don't miss that place at all. It's such an ugly instance...especially for a place called MOLTEN Core.

Then as we were power leveling Sad and Taint's toons, I got to see EVERY Azeroth and most of the Outland instances again. I think my history lesson is complete!

I'm ready for new content!!!


Anonymous said...

Quote :"Hope no one was banking all that night for last minute leveling. "

I was /cry.

wowcast said...

yeah. :(
a couple of people in bindpoint were hoping to get those last two levels!

Blodgruv said...

Yeah i have to agree i had a baby shammy i was working to 58 and wanted to say that i made it to outlands before wrath with it but that never happened still sitting at 56.5. Maybe tonight though. Ballz to the wall and WoW for Life!

wowcast said...

lol. go go go!
WoW4LIFE \m/

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