Friday, November 28, 2008

You've Been Around

I have not been able to play most of the day time since my parents are visiting. However, at night I did some exploring since I didn't want to quest without my group.

At first, I was trying to hold off seeing all the zones until I had to quest in the area. I really like the element of surprise. The problem I've come across now though is that I'm 78.5 and have FIVE more zones to cover! There is no way two levels will extend more than one zone more ....maybe two.

I'm going to have to pick carefully the content I want to cover. After going to Storm Peaks though and discovering Ulduar, I can definitely say I've found my favorite new zone in the game. It might be my innate love of architecture but I can't tell you how much I wanted to be able to go inside the buildings and explore all the details.

Unfortunately, it's all instance and the rest is just facade. How cool though would it be if it was as vast as the Louvre? I'd spend hours exploring it for sure.

So I ended up uncovering all the major zones of Northrend and got the achievement for Northrend discovery. Today, I logged on and got an epic Tabard to celebrate how much I seem to "get around"... LOL.

It wasn't a very pretty tabard at all so I'll still be sticking with my Sporregar tabard but it was cool getting something for exploration.


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