Friday, November 14, 2008

WoTLK is ALL THAT and...

(The Lich King and I)

Ready, Set, Gnome! We had crazy weird issues going on in the guild during the release of the expansion that made things intense on the night of expansion. You'll hear about it in the podcast.

Anyhow, after we got the game and installed it, we did a few quests and attempted the 3 man the first instance. We only got to the first boss but couldn't take the Prince down.

Exhausted but excited, I went to bed and somehow managed to avoid playing all day during work. My first impression of the game was that it was different and nice.

The second night we played, I finally got to roam outside the starting area and WOWZA! Holy cow! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! So beautiful and breathtaking. And also, something about the gamplay seemed a bit different and I'm not sure if it's only attributed to how they laid out the zones.

WoTLK is already 100x better than my experience in Hellfire during TBC!

We didn't take any time off for the expansion but I'm not too worried in terms of leveling. In fact, last night, we spent an hour getting lost before I finally installed the proper quest and mapping mods. lol.

I can't deny that I enjoyed getting lost. The more lost we got, the more I was like "ooooh!!! awesome!" hehe.

We did run into a little snag with groups. We had intended on having a 5 man group. Myself (shammy), Sad (pally), Taint (priest), Felix (druid), Flipmax (mage). But with Taint's new "friend" (mage) we suddenly had 6. WALLLAAAAA GROUP DRAMA!

So I came up with an idea to split our group up which wasn't ideal but probably the very best solution to our problem. So we split up. Felix, Flipmax, Myself in one group and Sad, Taint, and Tivi in the other. Pretty much Tank, Healer, Mage which turned out to be a great combo. And three is a really good number to keep everyone in sync for quests etc.

I've also experienced a strange sense of dejavu in the game as well but not in any relation to WoW. WoTLK has a very peculiar familiarity to playing in a RPG Diablo game! I first got the "feeling" when we were in the Utgarde Catacombs. It reminded me of running around in the sewers of Diablo II.

Also the expansive environment has the epic quality I experienced for the first time when I played Dungeon Siege (the first seamless world I ever experienced).

My character is probably the furthest behind in the guild which I find sort of ironic. The weirdest part is that I don't seem to mind like I thought I would. For some reason, I'm enjoying learning all the quests and exploring the zone. Also, this is the calm before the storm (raiding drama :D). I also have ulterior motives of course. The better I learn the quests this time around, the easier it will be to level up my next set of toons. heheheh.

So far, I can definitely say I'm not disappointed in the least! WoTLK IS all that and a bag of Soulshards!


Anonymous said...
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Street Chief said...

LOL@First Post.

WotLK is f****ing amazing.

Didn't think I'd be able to make it work but this old laptop runs the game quite nicely on the very very very lowest settings lol.

Vauch level 74 Undead Rogue (Blackwing Lair)

Anonymous said...

/cry still to low to get to Northrend.
But I love my Frosty following me around.
13 more levels till Outlands, 23 more till Northrend.

wowcast said...

tommy. you won't regret it when you finally get there!

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