Monday, November 13, 2006

2 Sleep or 2 Podcast

2 Sleep or 2 Podcast, that is the question. It's 12:30am here. I just finished editing down Part 2 of the Sam & Alachia podcast extravagnza. I have to do Part 1 now (my part). Should I stay up an do it or go to sleep.

1. You wouldn't have to worry about editing tomorrow and could play WoW instead

1. You're trying to get better and needs lots of sleep.

hmmmmm. health vs WoW aye?

Guess we'll find out which one prevailed.

EDIT: 1:40am. Darn. I only made it 25% of the way. I'm a failure! damnit. Okay. tomorrow then.


Anonymous said...

No sleep for you! jk

Get well and podcast soon.

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