Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Alachia gives thanks to the hard working slackers of Westfall.

Monday, November 20, 2006

WoW Muse

I've been sitting here at my computer for like an hour staring at the audio I need to edit. I can't get myself to move. I think I need a muse. I need inspiration or motivation. I started reading up on muses online as part of my procrastination.....that's how uninspired I am.... sigh.

fuck it. gonna log in. maybe leveling will inspire me. :D

EDIT (11/21/06): I figured out what my problem is. I don't get inspired until after 1am. lol.

So speaking of muses, I got this email from Marco Garcia last week:

> Hey Alachia, attached you will find a song I made for your show. I've been a
> listener for some time now and I thought I could contribute by making you a
> theme intro.

I was completely floored. I spam listened to it over and over again...the full version is close to two minutes long trying to think of how to do a new intro. It was also a great opportunity for me to revamp the intro so that I wasn't completely cribbing off the matrix...even though I LOVE that line.

anyhow. it finally clicked. here is the new wowcast intro if you're interested in hearing it!

Thank you Marco!

Why We Are a Static Party

because we have convos like this:
(incase you can't tell, it's extremely laced with sarcasm)
(background: he's pissed at me for not lvling our alts this weekend. he blames the podcast.)
(he would be livid if he saw I posted this so shhhhhh)

Taint says: (5:54:06 PM) ^^
alachia says: (5:55:26 PM) no cheesecake mom says
alachia says: (5:55:32 PM) we're going to have dessert covered
Taint says: (5:56:05 PM) ok
alachia says: (5:57:52 PM) i think my email is slow.
alachia says: (5:58:03 PM) i just got that email like 15 minutes ago
alachia says: (5:58:15 PM) and sometimes, i don't get emails for 2-3 days
Taint says: (5:58:32 PM) yeah
Taint says: (5:59:28 PM) poor fans
alachia says: (5:59:53 PM) whatever dude. i answer all emails sent
Taint says: (6:00:45 PM) uh huh
alachia says: (6:00:55 PM) my signature looks like this:
alachia says: (6:01:08 PM) alachia wow4life tai hates you all
Taint says: (6:01:39 PM) its ok i log on your character and ignore everybody that /tells u
Taint says: (6:01:41 PM) just like u do
alachia says: (6:01:52 PM) lmao...riiiight.
alachia says: (6:01:57 PM) thanks. that's a good brother :P
Taint says: (6:02:16 PM) except i usually put an afk msg, those who can't like retards listen to those who can on podcasts
alachia says: (6:02:44 PM) uh huh
Taint says: (6:02:45 PM) you should do those who can't play listen to podcast
alachia says: (6:03:12 PM) lol. yeah. good idea. one of the major goals of the podcast is to piss every wow player off.
alachia says: (6:03:13 PM) :P
Taint says: (6:03:22 PM) haha
alachia says: (6:03:29 PM) you're so arrogant. i listen to podcasts.
Taint says: (6:03:30 PM) REAL wow players play wow
Taint says: (6:03:41 PM) i.e. not my sister cuz she refuses to lvl with us
Taint says: (6:03:47 PM) uh huh got ditched this weekend
alachia says: (6:03:56 PM) i don't want to leave sadin behind. you know how he is
alachia says: (6:04:05 PM) you ditched me to play starcraft!
Taint says: (6:04:29 PM) w/e. i said come get me when u want to play
Taint says: (6:04:36 PM) i was lvling pali
Taint says: (6:04:42 PM) 13 thank you very much
alachia says: (6:04:57 PM) at least you didn't fucking reroll her 20 times like your priest
Taint says: (6:04:57 PM) i see how it is, free trip to new york > than playing with family
alachia says: (6:05:12 PM) tell me you wouldn't do the same
Taint says: (6:05:12 PM) yeah you remember this!
alachia says: (6:05:41 PM) meet fatality > waiting for sadin to log on
Taint says: (6:05:47 PM) uh huh
Taint says: (6:06:00 PM) felix is like lvl 45
Taint says: (6:06:03 PM) with his warrior
alachia says: (6:06:09 PM) i see. you're ready to just smoke him..and then we lose our 4th!
Taint says: (6:06:16 PM) smoke who
alachia says: (6:06:19 PM) sadin
Taint says: (6:06:20 PM) i asked sadin
Taint says: (6:06:23 PM) he said u would lvl him
Taint says: (6:06:28 PM) and you would grind off xp
Taint says: (6:06:29 PM) so we could lvl while he was gone
alachia says: (6:06:30 PM) he won't play if we out-level him
Taint says: (6:06:38 PM) yeah he said u would lvl him
alachia says: (6:06:38 PM) i would level him?
alachia says: (6:06:41 PM) are you smoking crack?
alachia says: (6:06:50 PM) i'm not leveling him
alachia says: (6:07:08 PM) you can level him

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where the WoW Dances Come From Video

Thanks Aaron for sending me this link! It's great.

World of Warcraft Dances

Real Life is So Overrated!

So tonight was pretty fun....

The dance club,Vicci, Ren and I went to was SUPER LAME. The DJ was a joke. He played shit like "hey mickey" and "humpty hump". Enough said. Dance clubs in Austin need help.

The real fun began after we left the dance club at 2am to head to Walmart to pick up WoW for Ren. We had way more fun dancing in the car to the radio (my ipod broke). Shakin' to some weird 50s music medley, mocking the love balad boy band moves to boyz2men, and new waving to depeche mode. /dance ftw! I told him that now that he'll be playing WoW, we won't have to go to lame dance clubs anymore and can just dance in the game. He was like, "What? You can dance in the game??? Is this like the SIMS?" I was like "Sort of, but not really. lol. You'll see."

At Walmart, I picked up toothpaste, a new furry friend I'm calling WoW moose, and World of Warcraft!!!

When we got back to my place, I marched him straight to my computer, had him create an account and then the real fun began. This is his first MMO. We spent like an hour at the character creation screen with me going through all the race and class combinations. He was like "I want to be horde." I was like "Sorry, not an option."
mwahahhaha. I didn't even tell him about Shamans.

After much debating and trying to explain mana vs rage vs energy, he finally settled on a male NightElf Rogue and YES, I told him about the +5 swords human racial ability. It'll be 3 months before he's any the wiser anyhow! heh.

I then gave him tips on combo points and what items mean in this game and how to play with the user interface a bit. But just like all mmo starters, he seemed to get the most kick out of the player interaction more than anything else. /say /silly /kiss /dance.

pointing to another night elf killing boars...
Ren: "Are those real people??"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "Can they see me?"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "So that other night elf can see me right now?"
Me: "yes"


Ren: "can I kill that rabbit?"
Me: "yes"
Ren: "does that make me turn evil?"
Me: "no"

During the entire crash course, the hardest thing to explain by far was rested XP. For someone who XP doesn't mean anything to yet, rested XP makes even far less sense. But believe me, he'll be parking it in an inn before he logs out.

I then showed off all my characters. My druid was in Ironforge and he was like "oh look! a person on a horse!" And I thought to myself how awesome it is to be able to see someone enjoying the game with fresh eyes. Just how amazing all the aspects of the MMO are.

So I would have to say the drug deal went as planned. WoWcrack FTW.
And the last of my non-WoW friends is converted! You know what? I'm not a WoWcrack dealer. I'm a WoW Evangalist. Preaching wow4life to the whole world!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Drug dealer

woot! going out tonight with my friend ren. we're going dancing. I haven't been RL /dancing in forever. I miss it.

anyhow, I have an alterior motive. mwahahahha. He recently got a job and started getting a stable lifestyle. Steady income, own apartment. You know what that means??? He's a perfect candidate to get hooked onto WoW!!! The dealer is on a mission. Might try to stop by Walmart and have him pick up a trial cd. I know WoW. And seriously, it only takes one hit. I have no doubt by next week, he'll be hooked.

These are the times I wish I had a digital recorder so I could capture the experience.

In other news, I'm very proud of myself today. I finally convinced myself to sell my full Twill Set. Yeah, I know, I'm a packrat. I don't know why I became obsessed with having a full Twill Set but I did and it's been killing my bag space for forever. It's basically a yellow and brown armor set that looks like you're a poor peasant from a local village...but it was cool aquiring the whole set. Aquiring a full set of grey gear isn't quite as easy as it sounds. :P

Evercrack vs World of Warcrack

World of Warcraft Screenshot

EverQuest II Screenshot

Because I'm so in luv with Starman, I'll pretty much do anything he says. So after hearing Episode 20, he told me to try out the trial version of EQ II to see how their crafting system works. He says it is far more advanced than WoW.

To be honest, I've always wanted to do a hit of Evercrack...ever since I was in college.

So I reluctantly went to the website and downloaded the free trial. I then spent the rest of the night downloading it only to run out of space on my hard drive. WHY I only have 80 gigs on my gaming machine, I DO NOT KNOW! In any case, my new main comp has been delayed due to a newegg/UPS fuckup so I have to deal with this situation for now.

I cleared out some fraps videos and got about 10gigs free...that and all the tauren on troll porn I've been downloading. lol.


So, first major thing I noticed. EQ II has like a billion more races to choose from or so it seemed. They also seemed to have a shit ton more classes. I picked a high elf troubadour.

I log in and it zones you into this island right away. From what I hear, this is kind of the starting ground where you kind of learn how to play before you ship yourself off the island. This seemed familiar to me.

However, as my screen loaded up, everything around me was SUPER SUPER dark. Apparently in EQ II, at night time, you have a limited visibility range. This made for a super disorienting start. I couldn't see where to go. I kept looking for an exclamation mark or something. I didn't know who to talk to, where to go. There's no mini map on the screen.

I quickly msged Starman and was like "I'm lost!" and he was like "how can you be lost? it's an island!" A few quick tips on short commands and I was sort of feeling my way around the game.

One thing I really liked about the game was that the quest givers and NPCs actually have voice automation. But still, it took me about 10x as long in EQ II to find the first quest giver than it did in WoW. It wasn't until it was 7am game-time when the sun was coming up that I was able to find who I needed to talk to. That's another thing, time or days goes by faster in EQ II than in WoW. I think WoW is far more comprable to RL time. EQ II time moves a lot like FFXI where within 30 mins, the sun rises and sets. Not being able to see 20 yards in front of you in the dark sucks though but I like the reality aspect of it.

The graphics were a little hard to get used to as well. I'm used to the much softer tones of WoW. WoW graphics kind of have a more guassian blur to it, whereas EverQuest II has very rigid hard sharp lines. Even the terrain mapping looked a little off in EQ. Like the patterns repeated too often and became noticable or something. Maybe it's only a trial version thing.. I don't know.

But the body, face, and hair customization is a lot more involved in EQ II. You get a lot more choices. Unfortunatley, I'm not sure any of them lead to a good looking character.

Starman kept telling me to pick up all the quests and start clicking on all the items on the ground like the timber, schools of fish, and shrubs. So I did, apparently, you can gather all this random stuff without needing a profession. Probably lesson one of the crafting experiment I'm doing. I didn't get very far. I just know I gathered a bunch of random stuff off the ground. More to learn, I'm sure.

Fighting styles are similar. You get way more spells in the first 4 levels of EQ II though. I got at least 8. And apparently mobs with white text but slightly glowing red agro. I just walked right up to the mob thinking I hadn't reached agro-able mobs yet. That was my first EQ death.

Over all, everything is far less scripted it seemed. There was a lot more of feeling-your-way-around. Once I started to get the hang of things, I felt way more comfortable with the game and a lot more confident about my character than I do when starting a character in WoW. My guess is that there's a ton more autonomy in EQ II than in WoW...not positive though. Even visiting the first vendor was kind of daunting. Half the items in my inventory right now leave me with a blank stare. I have yet to sell or buy anything. First time I've felt like a total noob in a long time. heh. okay, save the jokes. :D

I'll keep feeling it out. I def. want to get a better grasp on the professions and crafting so I can really compare them to WoW. There is much to learn :)

But don't worry, I'm not switching drugs yet!

Friday, November 17, 2006

New Office

Here's my new desk area. Notice I got the desk furthest away from my psychotic bosses.

Today I have spent half the day cleaning out my work area for the big office move. We're moving to the 20th floor of a building in downtown Austin.

So far I have found a lot of epic loot under the piles of software and drawings at my desk. An AOL free trial CD, my clear no stickers that go over the W on your keyboard, and a you win 1 liter coke cap!

Exodar Screenshots

My Trip to Exodar was pretty fun. I can't wait to do it with my main characters.
The "away-team" aspect of the entire area around it is wonderful. Ten times dreamier and richer than Elwynn Forest.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back to Azeroth

so. i've been on my FPS sabatical from WoW for 3 weeks. Yesterday marked my official return to Azeroth. I spent all of last night burning off rested XP in STV with taint and felix. Two Shadow Priests and a Warlock. It was sick and I mean in the best way.

The best thing about the night was trying to run distractions for each other from the horde at Nessingway's camp. There were like 2 level 60 rogues camping the place and not allowing people to turn in their quests. We each took turns being decoys. lol.

PvP servers aren't for people with little patience but it's never dull for sure.
You just have to have the stomach for it.

So anyhow, I log online and the first thing I notice is that we have a guild webpage. LOL. I'm like When did this happen? hahhahaha. Taint said they put it together so we would have a way to communicate while at work through forums and chat.

Then of course, people had to give me a hard time too. Part of being in JAE, we all engage in the verbal slaughtering of each other. it's awesome. again, it requires the stomach for it as well as a huge sense of humor. but anyhow, it felt good to be home.

And I was happy to see that my account wasn't part of the 23,000 that got banned by Blizzard this past week. PHEW!

Digital Voice Recorder

So I'm beyond bored at work. I don't have anything to work on at the moment. That's usually how it goes at my company. One week, you'll work 85 hours and the next week, you're lucky if you have more than 20 hours of work to do.

So, I've been researching Digital Voice Recorders. I've been wanting one for the longest time. I'd love to be able to record on the go as well as be able to keep track of some of my more random thoughts and ideas for the podcast.

Can anyone recommend a really good one? I've checked amazon, new egg, overstock, and all the reviews on the internet. Seems like Olympus has the highest rating so far.

Some of these are also pretty expensive. I don't want to spend like over 150 if I can help it. The M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 looks delicous but it's 400 dollars.

The VN-3100PC Olympus looks promising and its only 70.00, plus the noise canceling mic is only 20.

Yesterday evening, Boozefort and I were joking about having money trees in our backyards. Time to do some yard work and rake up some benjamins. hahahah.

Sigh. So bored. I wish I was playing WoW.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Episode 20 links

The Burning Crusade Exposed Part 1 is up.

Here are the links we discussed in Part 1 and 2.

Official WoW Burning Crusade info page

Dances: The Videos
Male Blood Elves/Napolean Dynamite
Original Blood Elf Dances
Male Draenei Dance Tunak Tunak Tun
Yes, I realize this is not a blood elf. But the chic dancing is super cute! I'm intoxicated! anyhow. It's the same dance as the female blood elf.

Draenei mount. DROOOOL!

Feral Druid Staff

Hard Mode Token rewards

Tier 4 gear stats

Official Forum Post about +healing nurf

What we drooled over in Part 2:
Gladiator Weapons DROOOL

Tier 5 gear

Sam was right,
Healing Power Weapon is dropped in MC. It's the bracers that you get from Argent Dawn Rep.

Remember. Part 2 can be found at World of Podcast. I'm not sure when he's releasing it. But he has an edited version. So it should be out. Go bug him if it's not out by the morning.

Appologies for the occasional sound fade. Skype has a way of fading ALL the essential words out of our conversation. lol.

Special thanks to Scott Valencia for hooking me up with a Beta Account to play on.

Most of the background music in this episode is from the Burning Crusade. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Half way there!

I went home for lunch and did more editing. 50% complete now.

More inside information for those of you who read the blog: Britney Spears finally makes it into a WoWcast episode. yeah! Okay okay. not Britney in person. But seriously, who would want that?

You guys would be proud of me, I only dicked around on the Net for 1 hour yesterday before I started the editing of the 4.5 hours of audio I had. :D

I was looking up spoilers for The Office Season 3, the US version.

Monday, November 13, 2006

2 Sleep or 2 Podcast

2 Sleep or 2 Podcast, that is the question. It's 12:30am here. I just finished editing down Part 2 of the Sam & Alachia podcast extravagnza. I have to do Part 1 now (my part). Should I stay up an do it or go to sleep.

1. You wouldn't have to worry about editing tomorrow and could play WoW instead

1. You're trying to get better and needs lots of sleep.

hmmmmm. health vs WoW aye?

Guess we'll find out which one prevailed.

EDIT: 1:40am. Darn. I only made it 25% of the way. I'm a failure! damnit. Okay. tomorrow then.

Give me your MP3s, please!

Yo Mopster, I'll take that Flask of Major Health Recovery. WTB! How much? 10g?

Had a relapse Sunday. I couldn't even sit up. I was so tired. Which means (sorry sam) I didn't get to edit all Sunday like I planned. I'll do my best tonight.

Do me a favor please all you cool peeps??? please!?
Send me audio of you explaining a best moment in WoW.
I need it or the Sickness Fairy is goign to curse me with another fever and soar throat. :D


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stripper vs BF2142

Aint No LAN Party Unless There's A Stripper - Kotaku

The dudes in this photo are real gamers. :D

Show Teaser

Just got done recording with Sam from WorldofPodCast. He's helping this lonely podcaster out and we decided to do a two part show together. Part one will be brought to you by WoWcast (me!) and Part two will be brought to you by WOP (World of Podcast).

It's all about the Burning Crusade. And yes, somehow, miraculously, we got through the entire show without going off about guy on guy porn. (reference to my guest appearance on his show a few months back).

I have a lot of editing to do.
The plan is to have it out by Tuesday morning.
Wish me luck.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sickness according to WoW

I think a warlock is trying to gank me. Someone keeps soul draining me.

And a priest must be shadow word paining me. cuz every couple of seconds i find myself coughing and my throat burning.

And of course there's shammy on my ass... frostshock! frostshock! brrrrrr...shiver...

i don't want to play anymore /logout

i wish.

/cough! ouch!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Club & Chedder Sandwich Cracker Snack Pack
Slim Jim Stick
Trolli Classic Gummi Bear
Big Gulp Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper

All purchased at my local 7 Eleven

Dsesert? Another shot of Dayquil of course.

Health > Gaming

What is the one thing that trumps gaming in my world??

It's funny how we take our health for granted all the time. I've been sick. and it sucks and not in a good way.

I should be home and in bed right now but there is a stack of work on my desk. I've been working extra late hours too trying to help a project get out the door.

There's nothing like taking 3 shots of dayquil. It'll mess your brain up something good. But it helps me cope at work during the day. I should do a podcast while i'm still high. heh. I had actually intended to get one out this week but then health collapsed.

anyhow, i sound like a dying horse. (shit, just opened myself up to a lot of bad jokes)

please donate all your pharmacuticals my way.



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Miss Video Game

Miss Video Game - Now accepting Contestants

Thanks Jdun for posting this. I don't want to know how you know about this.


so I started to respond with a smart ass commment and decided to blog it instead.

"If I were Miss Video Game, no warrior would go without agro, no spell caster would ever be without water!! Portals will always be free. My hope is that no child will ever be without a 23" flat screen monitor. And that all people no matter how poorly they game, will be able to equally afford the experience of a intel 2 core duo. /kisss /wave /wow4life"


Monday, November 06, 2006

The Official JAE t-shirt


The JAE official shirt.
It's part of my official WoW uniform. :D

Sunday, November 05, 2006

LAN Party: Day 2

Day 2 started off by me waking up at noon. heh. I love sleeping in.

We all went to eat the Texas Road House and then headed back to the lan party.

Everything is so much clearer in the light of day. The goats were still there. heh. It actually felt refreshing to be in such a secluded outdoor field. I'm so used to concrete and pavement. The fresh air surroundings and the plush amount of green was really nice.

When we walked in, almost everyone was playing company of heroes and a few people were watching football.

I was a little shocked to say the least. I had no idea RTS games had come so far. The reason I hated RTS games so much in the past was the 2-d graphic component of the game. I didn't really feel it was as engaging. But looking at COH, I was like WoW.

So I pestered Sanghari (WoW pal druid) and he let me do the tutorial for the game on his machine while I installed it on mine. It was pretty interesting. The only other RTS game I ever sat down to play before was Warcraft III.

I might have to try them out a bit more now.

Although I got Company of Heroes installed on my machine, we pretty much just played BF2142 for the rest of the day. Did you know that you can get a hazardous road kill award in the game if you kill 5 people with your vehicle?? heh. It only awards you 5 points but still, a pretty interesting award to have on your record. Sadin got one last night. It cost Felix and I a death too because we were holding back to wait for him to run some dude over and got fragged in the process.

So we joined some ranked server and were playing against some pretty bad ass groups of people. At first, they were completely pwning us into oblivion. One of our greatest weaknesses is heavy vehicle maps. We've learned how to handle mechs but tanks just destroy us. The only way we every stand a chance against them is by flanking to their back, EMPing and rocketing. But that's not as easy as it may sound.

Anyhow, after two maps of being pwned, we finally got our shit together and came through. But let me tell you, nothing beats being creamed by some guy named PooPoo.

For dinner, Telson (the host of the LAN party) got some hamburger and hotdogs grilled up. There was even a cake that had writing on it. I can't remember what it said but something like "Let the beat down begin"...It was a good cake. yummm..

Over all, it was a nice LAN party because we got to meet a lot of people from JAE (WoW). And it's nice to hang with people who share your same interests. I was little dissapointed we couldn't get an 8 v 8 going but perhaps we'll form a team in the future and join a ladder.

Impossible is nothing. LMAO. (google it if you don't get it).

Today has been a complete lazy day. I got my over-sized hoodie on and my Born to Frag cap on and dug into the couch to watch both the Texans and the Cowboys get pwned in the 4th quarter. :P

Thought maybe now I'd either work on the podcast, take a nap, or manage my mailbox in WoW. I'm positive I have lost over half my mail inventory.

Time to capitolize on all that rested XP.. AWW YEAH!

hmmmm..actually the nap is sounding good right now.

got to rest my mouse hand. ;D

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lan Party: Day 1, Part 2

Okay. Day 1 was bizzare to say the least. Or maybe I just need to get out of the house more often. We arrive in New Braunfels (felix, taint, sadin, and I) around 8ish. We're following the driving directions and curving around this gravel road. I see this lit house in the distance and I'm like, "That must be it". As we approach the house we don't see any cars so we're thinking that this can't be it. As we get closer to where the road takes a sharp left, the head lights of the car shine on about 20 little goats everwhere! All over the road. They are around the house and at the end of the road. And I'm visualizing to myself of this wicked gaming witch who turns gamers into goats. :D

We drive past the goats and see another house. This time, there are a lot of cars. This is it.

We set up our system. The living room of the house we're in is gigantic. I'm looking infront of me and there's a fish tank, a double decker cage with a cat and dog in it. To my left is a boa constrictor. Some tells me not to try to pet the cat cuz it will go psycho on you. The cat was cool though because it was short haired and all white. I have an all black cat.

When I first got into the house, there was a ton of people. I probably came off as a stuck up bitch cuz I'm too shy to introduce myself to people. I did see a couple of familiar faces from WoW so that was comforting. I was happy to see other girls least 4-5. But then none of them played. Instead, they all gathered in front of the television and watched porn. I shit you not!! There was porn in the background while we were playin BF2142. I thought maybe it was some war diversionary tactic.

So we load up the game, joined the local server. All the practice helped. JAE represented!! I think we came a little too prepared was the problem. The other team didn't really have too much of a chance. We ended up having to join up on a real non-local server. I think the whole thing would have been better had we just bought BF2142 that night. I can see how it would be a dissadvantage for people who just picked up the game. I know I would have been a little dissoriented. So I guess if we switch games, things will even out more. Still, I was impressed that his internet connection was able to support like 15+ people piping through to some 2142 server and a few people playing WoW.

Around 3am, I broke down and ate a Krispy Kreme donut from the kitchen. We left the house around 3:30-4am. I was dead tired because of staying up at work from the night before. As we were leaving, we almost ran over two minature horses walking across the road.

Then I watched Spirited Away until I fell asleep..probably around 5am.

Over all, a very surreal experience. Day 2 should be interesting.

Friday, November 03, 2006

LAN Party: Day1, Part1

wow. i'm really tired. running on 'E' now.
not sure how i'm going to stay awake tonight at the LAN party. Hopefully the other 19 screaming people will keep me up.

also a couple of pills of speed ought to help too. lol.
j/k. Kids, Don't Do Drugs! Do WoW instead.

To Do Checklist for tonight
1. Clip fingernails
2. Chug down diet coke
3. Pocket a couple of poptarts
4 Change into my JAE t-shirt

Sexy American Bitch

Scott Valencia
Executive Vice President
Games Media Properties

aka. horde shaman punk


Too Much RL

It's 2am. At work still. I missed BF2142 practice tonight. The LAN party is tomorrow...actually tonight.

RL timing always sucks. I really need to stop doing real world architecture and whore myself out to a Second Life Architectural Consulting Company. I know I'd be a lot happier. They could pay me scraps and I'd still be better off.

Anyhow, I better get back to the grind (not XP grind). Turning up my Manson now...time to jamm!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I <3 my Viewsonic VX922

ViewSonic: Products: Desktop Displays: LCD Displays: X Series: VX922

woo! woo! My new gaming monitor came in today! I'm so excited. Kind of hurts my eyes to look at it. heh. The clarity and response time is supurb. It's the most highly recommended monitor to date among the gaming community.

I finally decided to move to the LCD. I was holding onto the old CRT monitor for the resolution. However, I think LCDs are making progress.

In any case, this is going to be a whole lot easier to carry to the LAN party this weekend than my big clunky CRT.

XX vs XY

I don't like to mention my sex much. Yes, I'm a girl.
But you'll never here me refer to myself as a GIRL gamer. Just gamer.

But I must admit that there is a divide between the sexes that crosses over from RL to the gaming world. Why men automatically think they're going to be better than a girl at a video game is something I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Okay, I'll allow debates about physical differences between the male and female body type. But seriously, a video game is just about controlling your VR avatar with a keyboard and mouse. And I don't know about you, but I've wooped some dudes in thumb wars. LOL.

But I shit you not, men get so frustrated when a "girl" kicks their ass in an FPS. Also, I find that they tend to target me first either thinking I'll be easier or out of frustration. I DON'T KNOW. but sometimes, being a gamer, it sucks having the extra X chromo instead of the Y.

I'm going to this huge LAN party this weekend. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also nervous about diving into a sausage fest. I imagine the place will be disgusting by Saturday night. Also nervous about how people will recieve me. I hope they shrug me off. I'm very used to hanging out with men, but men are NOT used to hanging with me.

They see a girl in the room and they are like, "AH man, who brought the girl?? Man, now we can't cuss and be crude, fart, burp, and do MAN-things!"

lol. I get where they are coming from. I do. And usually once guys hang out with me for awhile, they drop the polite act and start being themselves. And that's when it's more fun.

Do you think I should disguise myself for the LAN party? Put my hair in a beanie cap, wear baggy sweaters and sweat pants? And greet everybody with a hefty "SUP, MAN!"



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