Sunday, November 05, 2006

LAN Party: Day 2

Day 2 started off by me waking up at noon. heh. I love sleeping in.

We all went to eat the Texas Road House and then headed back to the lan party.

Everything is so much clearer in the light of day. The goats were still there. heh. It actually felt refreshing to be in such a secluded outdoor field. I'm so used to concrete and pavement. The fresh air surroundings and the plush amount of green was really nice.

When we walked in, almost everyone was playing company of heroes and a few people were watching football.

I was a little shocked to say the least. I had no idea RTS games had come so far. The reason I hated RTS games so much in the past was the 2-d graphic component of the game. I didn't really feel it was as engaging. But looking at COH, I was like WoW.

So I pestered Sanghari (WoW pal druid) and he let me do the tutorial for the game on his machine while I installed it on mine. It was pretty interesting. The only other RTS game I ever sat down to play before was Warcraft III.

I might have to try them out a bit more now.

Although I got Company of Heroes installed on my machine, we pretty much just played BF2142 for the rest of the day. Did you know that you can get a hazardous road kill award in the game if you kill 5 people with your vehicle?? heh. It only awards you 5 points but still, a pretty interesting award to have on your record. Sadin got one last night. It cost Felix and I a death too because we were holding back to wait for him to run some dude over and got fragged in the process.

So we joined some ranked server and were playing against some pretty bad ass groups of people. At first, they were completely pwning us into oblivion. One of our greatest weaknesses is heavy vehicle maps. We've learned how to handle mechs but tanks just destroy us. The only way we every stand a chance against them is by flanking to their back, EMPing and rocketing. But that's not as easy as it may sound.

Anyhow, after two maps of being pwned, we finally got our shit together and came through. But let me tell you, nothing beats being creamed by some guy named PooPoo.

For dinner, Telson (the host of the LAN party) got some hamburger and hotdogs grilled up. There was even a cake that had writing on it. I can't remember what it said but something like "Let the beat down begin"...It was a good cake. yummm..

Over all, it was a nice LAN party because we got to meet a lot of people from JAE (WoW). And it's nice to hang with people who share your same interests. I was little dissapointed we couldn't get an 8 v 8 going but perhaps we'll form a team in the future and join a ladder.

Impossible is nothing. LMAO. (google it if you don't get it).

Today has been a complete lazy day. I got my over-sized hoodie on and my Born to Frag cap on and dug into the couch to watch both the Texans and the Cowboys get pwned in the 4th quarter. :P

Thought maybe now I'd either work on the podcast, take a nap, or manage my mailbox in WoW. I'm positive I have lost over half my mail inventory.

Time to capitolize on all that rested XP.. AWW YEAH!

hmmmm..actually the nap is sounding good right now.

got to rest my mouse hand. ;D


Anonymous said...

Company of Heroes is the best RTS game since Start Craft and TA. If you want to be good check out the replays at:

Put them in the replay dir. C:\Documents and Settings\your name\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes

Launch CoH, it is under Skirmish mode -> Recorded Games.

It's better then watching TV or even playing the game.


Anonymous said...

Watching replays of people is pretty interesting indeed. I watched a lot of Starcraft replays, entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

Some of those CoH replays has podcasting.

Alachia, you going to the Miss Video Game tournament?


Alachia said...

Miss Video Game!!!
like totally!!!

If I had one wish, it'd be that every person in the world could play World of Warcraft AND that there would be peace on earth.


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