Friday, May 18, 2007

Agonizing Defeats

Felix and I decided to try out our 2v2 arena combo again tonight. We were feeling really good about it too. First game and we already tarted to peak over a 1600 rating.

But then we began to fall victim to the rogue/druid combo over and over and over again.
The rogue would sap one of us off the bat if we didn't have perception timed perfectly. The druid would cyclone felix or myself..usually felix. The rogue would apply mind numbing and wounding to both of us and then go back and forth with kidney shots and blinds etc to keep us both from casting much. In the meantime, the druid would moonfire spam or try to chain heal the rogue.

We tried everything...silence, curse of tongues, fear locks, aoe fears, seduce, single fears.
But the initial burst damage from the stealth combo usually knocked us so far behind that it was hard to catch up.

Over the course of 20 games, we were basically doing 1 for 1 in wins and losses. But we started to learn a few things here and there as well. Positioning is huge for us. Playing the patience game is key. Using wide open spaces helps us a lot as Felix's fears usually send someone jetting across the entire map.

For about 50% of the games one of us would find ourselves in the 1v1 situation or 1v2 situation. We had to start focusing down the healers first because dps bursting through heals ate up all of our mana. And to that effect, our initial burst was just plain inadequate.

So... Frustrated, we stopped...having pretty much landed where we started for the night.

I began to surf the forums about our class matrix which is supposed to be one of the best. There are a couple of things I think we'll try next time. Working with complimenting each other's abilities. Stacking misery and curse of shadows. Timing our DOTS and CCs with each other etc.

Also charging to immediately burn on AOE fear and lock down the healer or caster might help us as well. But mostly..I think it's using complimentary spells. SW:Pain rank 1 to stack shadow weaving and misery..then curse of shadows to enhance our burst attack. This in combination with DOTs should hopefully get us somewhere.

Hopefully tomorrow we can practice some more. Nothing is more exhilirating that going 2v2 in arenas... the pressure! the pressure!


Defeat is part of the agony of getting better. It is discouraging for sure but self-improvement doesn't come cheap :) Just Ain't Enough! That's our motto!

And here's proof that experience is key:

These are the numbers for the number one 2v2 team in our battlegroup.
games played: 854
wins/losses: 670 -184
78% wins
rating: 2610

854 games!!! Die and Try, Die and Try!


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