Thursday, May 10, 2007

Episode 27 Supplement

(karazhan front steps)

Mentioned Links:

Wired Article: Puffle Kerfuffle

Ghost in the Shell

Special Thanks to Anim5 for Arathi Who?
Special Thanks to Marco for the WoWcast soundtrack

There is a MetaTalk tonight for all those interested...Virtual Taboos!
Scarlet Crusade US Server
Stormwind/The Park
8pm central
/w MetaTalk

*Someone emailed me awhile back saying the podcast wasn't updating on Itunes. Is it working for you guys?


Unknown said...

It's updating right now... and... it's playing right now, in Itunes... At last, show 27, we missed you.

Everything seems to be working fine for me. Hope it will be fixed for anyone else who is having trouble with it !


Unknown said...

Hooo and btw, Ghost in the Shell is awesome... I love this movie : "the net is vast and infinte"... If you know well the movie, you now know my 4 diget password for many files...

Take care !

Matt Tan said...



5. the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action; "his long commitment to public service"; "they felt no loyalty to a losing team" [syn: commitment]

well done.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to latest episode on iTunes.

Only found / started listening too your cast about 4 episodes ago and I enjoys listened to them while toiling away building websites over here in the UK.

Find myself agreeing more and more with your comments and general observations on WOW and the meta in general.

Here's an odd one for you. We've two computers - mine and my wifes - we now spend more time together since starting WOW than before - same room, same interests - although her main is Ally :(

Thanks again for a great 'cast


Sam said...

Hey E,

Ne illegitumus carborandum- Don't let the bastards get you down!

Any chance you can link the thread about podcasting?


Seigram said...

I was just curious, what is the title of the song or songs you used during the VR Taboo talk. They sounded interesting, and I want to track them down to hear more.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Mercot said...

I must have missed the whole to-do on criticisms of podcasting. Can you give a few more points of reference as to what happened?

Alachia said...

Just added a post about the "podcasting" commentary.

Kenneth, the music I used for the VR Taboo was a combination.
The transition music was
Luscious Jackson-Down to Earth

And the ambiant music is by Thomas Huttenlocher

veocon said...

Very cool cast! keep them coming!

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