Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Practice and confidence. I'm learning and getting better. While I'm not the best, I'm so glad to see myself improving day by day. /played = /better player

Today, Taint (frost mage) and my shadow priest did 15 2v2 games. We went 10wins-5losses.
Mind you, he just hit 70 like Sunday. His gear is mostly greens still. But damn those frost mages have the most amazing survivability. And who the heck needs arcane power when you can just spell steal it off of someone who spec'd it! LMAO. I know that must be frustrating for them.

Anyhow. After 14 games, we had 1699 rating and wanted to break 1700. So our last match we went head to head with a shaman and a mage. Both their mage and Taint went down at the same time. I was at 20% health and 10% mana. The shaman had 100% mana and health as he was just coming out of polymorph. I seriously thought it was gg.

The shammy was pretty smart. He/she set up totems at 30 yards apart so the odds that I would run into one was high as I was kiting away from him/her.

Mages are allowed to trade water and food to their team members. And you can get OOC during Arenas if you run far enough from the opponent.

SO I ran and shielded myself with the mana I had left. As soon as I got out of range I started to drink and eat but a totem was close enought to tag me. DOH!

The shaman kept assualting me. As soon as I got the mana, I dotted and feared. I then ran and bandaged myself to 30% again before he interrupted me. I repeated this two more times just doing everything I could to stay alive trying to drink, eat, or bandage. Taint was yelling "DO NOT GIVE UP! THIS IS NOT OVER!"

I never got over 30% health again. Finally I lasted 5 full minutes at marginal health and no freaking mana until my Shadow Fiend cool down was up!!! (gives back mana as it does damage)I popped the fiend. At this point, my dots had finally eaten away at the shaman to get him to 60%. I popped Shadow Word Pain, Mind Blast, SW: Death, and then Mindflayed over and over again as it is my lowest mana cost spell that does significant damage. As he was about to cast heal, I feared and he died.

O M G. I couldn't believe it. Hardest 14 arena points I ever earned. LOL.


Britnay said...


I really wish I could have seen that match! You really earned that win. Just shows that you should never give up ^_^

Unknown said...

Seems like it was a nice fight.

Gratz !


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