Monday, May 21, 2007


So Felix specced Unstable Affliction and we tested that out a bit with our Connect the DOTs 2v2 team. We also developed a better dps cycle.

I'm hoping to start with vampiric touch and then hit my instant dots. Now that we have unstable affliction, my dots are bit more effective as it makes teams afraid to dispel..and for good reasons. It also ties up a healer team pretty well.

We were able to use our DOTs and kite tactic pretty well. The combo teams that still gave us a lot of troubles were the dual rogue or rogue/druid stealth teams. The stealth to burst combo they do usually doesn't allow us our max ability to DOT and run.

Despite doing reign of fire rank 1 around us, a rogue was still able to sap one of us. How? Don't ask me. But one things for sure, they Blizzard should just take away our fear abilities. They are pointless against anywhere decent teams. Immune, resist, immune, resists. Sucks when you're only defense is immune or resisted by 90% of your opponents. I know. /cry more. I will. :D LOL. But you'd be screaming too if a human rogue out of stealth and not shadow stepped said IMMUNE to fear. wtf?

But despite the struggles, we came out A TON better. It's been fun trying out our new strats and adjusting. Arenas may come easy and a breeze for some teams but the ones around me are about work and improving. PvP is not for the impatient for sure. Die and Try, repeat.

We got up a 100 more points though..1630ish..
Sure wish I could get a team to 2000 rating but I guess in due time. :)


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