Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WoWcast Store Update

Okay. Spent some time updating the WoWcast store with the new logo and of course the kick ass WoWcast bunny!

hahaha. I'm going to order me one of the black wowcast bunny t-shirts to become one of my WoW Uniforms... You know what I mean..the comfy outfits you put on for long hours of play. :D

I opted not to add the wowbunny thong. I gave it a moments though but then I had this vision of some large dude prancing around in a wowbunny thong and then decided against it. hehehhe.

oh yeah. some of the shirts have stuff on the back. doin it from behind...ah yeah!



Unknown said...

The Bunny reminded me of This Bunny!

You've probably seen him before, he always cheers me up.

Alachia said...

yes, I have seen him before. hehehe. Luckily WoWcast bunny is not as unfortunate as Mr.EHHMSTM

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