Monday, May 28, 2007

Is it Okay to Hate WoW?

When the pain gets too much, you just want to get out....

I had to log off of WoW early tonight. I'm up to my ears in stress.
Loot Drama and Arena Drama are pissing me off.

I just want to play. I want to improve. But everyone else just wants their own...or at least that's how it feels.

Scenerio 1 guys.
You're in a 5v5 group. Your team is working out the dynamics and mostly, you just like playing together as a team and improving how you work with everyone. Someone else comes along with more survivability than your bullsh*t shadowpriest. This someone already has a 2k ranked 5v5 team on another character. He gets to roll with a fully geared Warrior and Paladin at all times. He gets to play 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5s all the time.

What do you do?
A. Silently watch as you get slowly replaced?
B. Say something and piss people off?
C. Just quit now?

Yes, I want to win. Yes, I'd like for us to be the best and do very well. But mostly, I just want to play. Does that make me selfish?

Scenerio 2.
You just downed Prince Malchezaar in Karazhan. [The Decapitator] drops. In your raid group, you have two warriors who are heavily into Arenas and play almost every day of the week. Both who want to try out a Fury build. You also have an elemental Shaman who rolls incase he ever wants to go Enhancement. Your policy on loot rolls, if you want it and will use it, you can roll on it. The shammy has already spoken at lengths about quiting the game and does not play very often. He rolls and wins and the weapon goes straight to the bank.

What do you do?
A. Get pissed off and seem like a loot whore?
B. Be glad that such an awesome weapon went to someone's bank?
C. Feign indifference?

I'm getting tired of all the BS. And on top of that, I'm getting very pissed at the Blizzard development team for making it very difficult to want to play my class.

I'm doing everything I can to stay optimisitc... but I do have my f*cking threshold.


Dustin said...

In your cases, I don't really know how to give you advice about that sort of thing. I can sympathize about changing things to better your gameplay. Yesterday, I quit my casual guild. They're full of great wonderful people that I love to play with. But I want to raid and see endgame content soo badly. I saw my chance and I took it. I joined a hardcore guild that raids 6 nights a week. I know most people that have done the hardcore thing will tell me that I shouldn't, I'll hate it. But I've never tried it before, I want to at least try it before I get a chance to hate it.

Well thats a story about me, but yeah WoW immitates life theres stuff that you can't get behind. What would Mal say though? Goodluck, see you at Metatalk

Britnay said...

It really sucks when they make changes to a game you love, and make you not want to play anymore. I used to play the half-life mod "Natural Selection" all the time. It was a first person shooter team based sci fi horror game with space marines vs aliens. But they eventually tweaked the game to the point where I thought it was unbalanced, didn't have fun anymore, and it was just frustrating so I quit. I hope Blizzard doesn't make things so bad that people don't have any fun playing shadow priest, and leave the game. I hope you're able to find a way to work around what blizzard has done :(

About the looting, I'd say if you're not definitely going to equip or use it, you shouldn't roll on it. And if something about the way things are going are bothering you, try to find a way to bring up how you feel, in a non-confrontational way. You're a part of the group, and your feelings count as much as anyone else's. Even if other people don't agree, at least they know how you feel, and maybe other people feel the same way you do. It doesn't help to keep how you feel bottled up.

The Fake Sangai said...

Roll a hunter. it'll change your life. Make sure it's a night elf.

It's a shame you're pissed off. No one should be unhappy with their WoW time and WoW should not make them unhappy.

The warrior/pally and shaman are exercising their rights but you are not. Why is that?

The Fake Sangai said...

oh, and good morning 8P

Jemimus said...

Sounds like you need a break ;)

I have no advice on the Arena teams, seems like a dog-eat-dog world to me, evne more so than harcore pve raiding ;)

As for the Shaman.. I think in most guilds he would probably not have even been allowed to roll. it should be about "actual" use, not theirotical use. If he was talking about leaving, the raidleader should have stepped in disallowed him from rolling. If the shaman was mature, he should have understood.. its basicly a need vs greed situation. "Must have" vs "Nice to have". Guild often get hung up on paper rules based on theoretics. Its better to have a strong leadership that can make the right judgment calls in the situation when called for it, based on reality.

Sean said...

>< Thats all I have to say about the loot whore shaman. On my shaman would want the axe, but then again I'm enhancement. The server reset is today, more axes will drop.

In regards to the arena situation... I wouldn't worry so much about this season, wait for the arena 2 gear to appear. Its better than tier 5.

Austen said...

I fully understand your frustration, believe me. I play a 70 Druid on Suramar (name: Sephirion). Before the expansion came out, I was resto spec. I chose to go resto spec, not because I enjoy healing (quite the f*cking opposite) but because there was little to no feral itemization and balance is just lame. I really enjoy playing as a druid, but for awhile there, Blizz made it damn hard for me to want to continue playing with the ridiculous lack of itemization. Fortunately, that little problem fixed itself with the expansion.

So my advice to you is this; find something else to do. While it may not sound all that great right now, maybe a change of pace could be could be good. Perhaps try your hand at some solo content in Ogri'la or Etherium Prison. Drama sucks no matter what, but remember: "This, too, shall pass."

Jean-Philippe said...

Hi Alachia, remember me, Clayhawk from the Marooned guild on Durotan. I wrote you a month ago to let you know my feelings about what BC did to the game, and how I couldn't find myself having fun anymore playing my 70 hunter in my main guild. What I did, after a couple of days off from WoW (which seems like weeks LOL) is that I have rerolled a new character, a warrior to change from a DPS class to a tank class, and I have started my own guild, with some friends I knew that wouldn't turn out to be too much hardcore.

I know it is hard to let go some of the people you already know for so long, but with time, I realized that they all forgot about me much more that I have forgotten about them.

I am not saying to quit "jae" or your friends, but maybe starting a new character from scratch, and rediscovering all aspects of the game, like a new profession, and another race than the humans for once LOL, would do you good.

Think about it, and good luck with your thinking and reflexion...

The Fake Shangai is right, you should not be unhappy while playing wow.

Take care !

spurlock said...

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aRE u a fRosT oR fiRE spEc'D Shadow PriESt? mE beTS u r da bEsT shAdOW prIESt in Yur gROup. U sHOULD tElL u're WarRiOr to tAunT thE oTheR plAyErs to MAKe u're tEaM moRE beTTerer.

U kIN joIN mY aREenah tEAm. THe MiDWesteRN MulLets eR reeLLy guD. It IS sO NeAT tHat my teAM raNK iS thE saME as mY SAT scoRE. 450 is rEally gud, ritE? i PlaY a huNtar of coRse.

U sHouLd have A rOguE picK the PerSON whO tooK the WeAPon's POcket aNd giVE iT tO a gud WarRRior. OnCE iN mY OlD hORde gUILd a ShaMAn tuk a fIst WeAPun OvER a roGUE. We ShAved hIM. HE lUKed lIkE a NitE ElF wItH hORnS.

iF u WaNT I kIN helP u wiTH thIS JAy guY. hE soUNds LiKe a JERc.

Heartless_ said...

Loot policy should always be need before greed. Need, as defined, means that you can equip it the second it drops.

DKP systems make loot worse. If you have never had the pleasure of playing within a non-DKP group/guild/raid I feel sorry for you.

Heartless_ said...

Err I should specify more on need... as in... it is something meant for your class/build/spec and is an obvious upgrade or utility piece.

Maclort said...

Maybe do what you advised, if it's not fun anymore, just like with a movie, put it on the shelf for a while so you can re-discover it.

Sean said...

wow are you kidding me? that shaman should of passed.. he's deff looking out for the guild's best interest.

If he wanted the item, he should wait till no one specifically needs it before taking it. If The raid leader let that go its the raid leaders fault. I wouldn't stick with a guild with that kinda mentality tbo

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