Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lovely Bunker Shot

"Oh! What a lovely bunker(sp?) shot!"

Coming home to visit the folks reminds me that getting rid of cable television was an excellent decision. 100+ channels and nothing to watch.

Right now, my mother is taking a nap and my father is watching tv (and quasi nappping). But he has control of the remote. I'm sitting here on my lap top. Apparently proximity to a person counts as "socializing"...regardless of wether or not there is actually any socializing going on.

It's kind of like putting yourself on follow while going AFK. lol.

Anyhow, somehow the station has landed on a women's golf tournament. I just spent the last ten minutes trying to figure out if the announcer really did say "bunker shot"...or did I mishear it??

Ooooh! He just landed on TNT, they were playing the Matrix 2. nooooo!!! he changed it. it's on some travel channel bit. hmmm. Not too bad though. It's about this couple visiting Brazil on the HD channel! Obrigado!! I'm watching people hot hot! /samba

Man, these HD channels are amazing. It makes going back to the normal cable channels hard to watch.

okay..this is boring. Enough of my adventures in TV land.

enjoy your AV weekend :D


Starman said...

HDTV rules

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