Monday, May 21, 2007

This is for Mathilda

Give me 1.5 seconds and I'll give you holy hell in Arenas. That would be my slogan if it weren't for the fact that I'm having such a hard time with my shadowpriest. Not that I don't know how to play her or that I don't know what kind of things will work best in terms of how I can smoke someone down.

My issue is that other teams keep me locked down sooooo well. Blind, sap, spell steal, poly, pummel, counterspell, fear, kick... you freaking name it and it's been done to me. If you were to equivilate crowd controls with sex...I'd be freaking Jenna Jameson.

All I really need is close to 1.5 seconds of free cast time and I can unleash the pain but it's darn near impossible half the time. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. For now, I'm just calling myself "team fodder"...:)

I dispel a lot as that is instant and then fear. On my 5v5 team, I seem to stand a decent chance but on my new 3v3's been quite tough for me.

Luckily I'm grouped up with a fully geared warrior who knows his shit. Our team, 'This is for Mathilda' played its first matches today. We landed at 1660 rating. Which isn't bad at all!
Players: Felicks(warlock), Alachia(sp), Taint(mage), Kamisa(warrior deep thunder)

The team name comes from the movie Leon The Professional.. badass movie if you've never seen it...def. must see.

In fact, for a first was an awesome start. But I still felt halfway useless. Bringing to the table what? Power Word Fort? Maybe a fear and a couple dispels.. and maybe ...just maybe a shadow word death at the right time.

It wasn't all bad for me but just an over all sense of helplessness ...gah.. it just makes you feel like screaming "what should I be doing otherwise?!"

Anyhow, our 5v5 arena team also had an intense day. We climbed up to an 1830 rating only to plummit down to 1730 something. It went back and forth.. up 13 points, down 18 points, up 16 points, down 22 points....and so on. Tomorrow, we're going to attempt to climb back up to 1800 before Tuesday reset.

"This is for Mathilda"

note to self: learn how to be the professional :P


Britnay said...

Are there any trinkets you can get that will make you immune to some of the crowd control?

Alachia said...

cyclone is unstoppable
I can't dispel sap, blind, traps, silencing shot, scatter shot, hammer of justice, the list goes on
I can use my pvp trinket once during an entire arena battle to break fear, charm, poly.

I'm hoping to read more shadow priest forums to find out what more I can do.

Maclort said...

I love that film

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