Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blood Elf Bandit Mask

What can I say, I still love playing dress up.
My new little obsession...I want to get the [Blood Elf Bandit Mask]. I love to dress up my bankers and having a head piece wearable at level 5? Woot! Woot!

I saw one in trade channel going for 10g. I should have grabbed it! Felix and I spent a good hour trying to farm them on Azuremyst isle...what a pain! We could have farmed up 5 primal waters or mana in that time. hahahah..

My idea is to totally twink out my level 5 banker so she's the coolest looking level 5 ever!

ah..the little things :D

In other news, our Arena team went 9-1 today. The new dynamic of having the hunter, pally, holy priest, shadow priest, and warrior has upgraded us to a whole new threshold. I'm loving it. My Shadow gal has much to learn. She's gotta have a sixth sense about mana burn, mind control, mass dispel! The hard part is most of the time, those things need to happen before they ever happen! The good shadow priests operate like 10 seconds ahead of everyone. I need lots of practice.

Oh! Today I got the last Badge of Justice I needed for the [Orb of the Soul-Eater]! Wohoo! Yeah for a decent offhand finally! Now I just need an uber main hand. What's like the best shadowpriest main hand? So far, I haven't seen one that jumps out at me. Right now I'm using [Bleeding Hollow Warhammer]...Runesong Dagger equivalent pretty much. Just wondering if there is something better..and no, I can't equip swords :(



jr_G-man said...

I farmed a few of these for my bank alts. If you read the thottbot entry (, there is like one or two sections of road you have to check. It took me probably 10-15 minutes per...waiting a day or so between tries.

For the full compliment, I rolled a Blood Elf and bought the whole "Unadorned" set (, then transferred it over to ally side with a friend and had a pretty sweet looking bank alt.

(The beginning Blood Elf area has all the beginner outfits available via vendor and I don't think you can get them anywhere else.)

Combine that with a Mana Gathering Staff ( with a Beastslayer enchant and you've got one bad-ass looking bank alt :)

jr_G-man said...

oh...and maybe add a cockroad or a prairie dog, to finish it off :)

Unknown said...


Alachia said...

damn the horde get all the fun. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone on the horde side of Boulderfist.

I'll keep checking the neutral AHs..

Yeah, I rode up and down the roads with Felix last night spamming my /tar Blood macro. The little buggers are stealth so it's not like you can just find them and slaughter them.

I think Blizzard must have known. :) Maybe they threw it in just so higher levels would come back and take a gander at Azuremyst. I did for the first time last night and it's very beautiful.

The only other time I had seen it was taking just the road from the Draenei start area to Exodar.

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