Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Hot Ride

Tonight, I decided to not let my BG tokens go to waste and splurged them on [Reins of the Black War Tiger]. It only requires 30 AB , 30 AV and 30 WSG Honor tokens. I was getting close to 100 of each and you can't have more than that so the rest just go to waste.

I never thought that I'd ever have enough to be able to spend extra on a mount. When I first started at BGs, it seemed like a hopeless situation. First, you're learning how the games go so you're never sure of what you're doing or where you should be going. You're also not used to group fighting so it all takes awhile to get used to.

But over time, you really do start to learn the fights and strategies. I loved just going in and having a different group every time and seeing different ways of conquering a BG. Then you start to see the same faces over and over again. You're like "oh yeah..that mage! yes! they kick ass!"

Only recently, I have learned how to PvP with my shadow side. It's totally new doing DPS instead of the healing in BGs and Arenas. I'm still feeling my way around it and learning what works and what gets me wtfpwnd!

My favorite BG is definitely Eye of the Storm because of the dual aspect of the game (flag caps and tower caps). I love to ninja towers. But I find that most people hate this map because most folks want to just kill kill kill (be #1 on damage or killing blows)... so they just head straight to the middle for flag caps or fight in no-man's land to get HKs. I try not to get too glory hungry as I think it messes up the over all goal of the game..but I definitely see the appeal.

Anyhow, I recommend hitting BGs for fun ...especially if you're bored and don't want to farm. The tokens and honor start stacking up over time and who day when you least expect it, you'll realize you have enough tokens to get a cool new ride!


Jason "Give me beer I can chew" Austin said...

Dont you have to be exalted with Darnassus for that ride?

Alachia said...

Not this one. This is a BG honor ride. And it's black! woot!

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