Saturday, May 12, 2007

Connect the DOTs

DSL blows!!! My parents' internet connection reminds me of the Fourth Ambit audio story that I talked about in Episode 27. There are like some people who can't afford to have access to the 2nd Ambit...and public access to the first Ambit is shotty... connection to the meta right now feels so menial.

Anyhow. It seems to be working for the moment.

Last Thursday, Felix and I created a 2v2 team. His warlock and my shadowpriest. It's supposed to be a pretty strong combination. As I was flying to Nagrand to purchase our team charter, Felix and I were discussing names. We came up with a bunch. Some pretty tacky and some were almost huge 'I RP with your Mom'. hahahha.

We finally settled on a cute one. Connect the DOTs. Seemed really catchy and I thought clever considering our class make-up. Well, I felt clever. :)

Queing up for our first 2v2 match was sooo nerve wrecking. I have only ever done a 5v5 arena team. And going two on two seemed so much more intense.

And it was.

First thing I noticed was the fact that the games are super short compared to 5v5s. Second, you will find yourself in far more 1v1 situations...where it's literally just you against another player without the help of your teammate. THAT is intense!

Our first game was horrible. We went up against a mage/rogue. POMPYRO! (presence of mind/pyroblast) They ate us a new one in less than two minutes out the gate. The good thing about losing the first game of your team, less pressure and you don't get cocky.

The next team we went up against was a rogue/rogue. Felix managed to keep one of the rogues CCed with fears and seduce while we DPSed one down. However, he died in the process. We had the second rogue down to half and he vanished. I couldn't follow him or find him so I stationed myself on one of those pillars in Blade's Edge Arena and waited for him. Sure enough, he had bandaged to full and sapped me right off the bat. Lucky for me, Shadowpriests are one of the best 1v1 classes in the game. I dotted him up, mind blasted and deathed him, feared and then mind flayed him over and over so he couldn't jump around out of my site. WOHOO!! Victory number 1 for us!

Third game, we went up against the same team as our first game mage/rogue. This time, it was a different story.

Right out of the gate, as we were coming up the bridge. Both the mage and rogue blew every one of their cool downs and knocked me dead. Arcane power/POMPYRO and the rogue sapped Felix so he couldn't help. I was thinking "damn damn damn. I wish my resilience gear was higher!" But then over the next 30 seconds, it became very clear that this was a cooldown pony team. Felix spanked both of their asses after I died as they had pretty much blown their best abilities on me! Felix pwned 1v2!!! YES! Finally being fodder paid off!

We then won the next six games. On our tenth game, we lost to a Shaman/Warrior combo. It was a shame too because our only huge mistake in the game was to play into the shaman's lair. shucks.

Connect the DOTs went 8-2 on its first night! Not bad aye?

I like the change of pace of a 2v2 game and it's nice to have that extra pressure. I'm looking forward to the forming of our 3v3 team. Felix's warlock, my shadow priest, and Taint's mage (and/or another warrior friend). I already have the name picked be revealed when we make the team. :D


Britnay said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see how you do after you've had more time to practice together. Hmm... a warlock, shadow priest, and a warrior.. How about "Dot your eyes, and Cross your T's" ^_^

nongiven said...

I'm so jealous. I really wanted to do Arena, but my Druid was not viable in 2v2. :(

Unknown said...

I use DSL over the Cable company's offering myself. Yes cable does offer 5mb/s down but only 376kb/s up. At least Time Warner does in Cincinnati. Cincinnati Bell, the phone company, offers 3mb/s down but 756kb/s up. That up speed is what makes all the difference when working from home! Pulse, I've found the cable connection tends to drop at weird moments but the DSL keeps rocking on, most important when running a long instance or raid!

Maclort said...

Oh alex i disagree. I don't know about other teams, but my two man arena team had the hardest time against two druids. One tree form one bear form.
Also druid goes well with rogue, both start off in stealth... Rogue saps one and lays into another. You join him/her then pop out of cat form to heal when needed.
When up against the stealth team, fights usually go even quicker than normal.
The healer/feral druid combo usually lasted longer with two mages but thats just my experience, hope it helped.

Pie said...

I looked up your arena team on the Armory, and I must say, I'm ashamed.

Ashamed to read the blog of someone who does a podcast about WoW and has a guild that has an arena team that they are a part of that contains a GNOME.

Really now, a gnome? I thought better of you.

Alachia said...

2v2. yeah.
3v3. yeah.
but our 5v5 no longer consists of a gnome.

poor little guys. the kids just want to play!

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