Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Postcard from Valley of Kings

A few weeks ago, I got caught up on e-mail...although I'm sure I must have missed some because I just got an email from someone dated 2 months ago recently. Not sure if it's on my end or their end. Anyhow, I was really proud of myself for catching up. But now I'm behind again. I'm not complaining either because it's extremely flattering to me that most of the e-mails can't be replied to with a simple couple of lines.

Maybe that's why I hold a unique view of this game. Because I get to hear so many stories from people about their lives in WoW. It's so diverse and also so human....

One of the most recent ones I got was from a fella named Ryan who was in a very hardcore raiding guild...dedicating his time and effort every day, never taking a break. Sounds familiar right? And sadly, he was shaken up by the realization that his "friends" cared more about the loot than him...

As I read the e-mail, I was reeled back into that era of my WoW life when I too came to this realization and how much I was hurt by the whole experience.

Now that he's broken away from the emotional chains of raiding, he's taking a break from WoW and then coming back to play it his way....to enjoy the simple things....that aren't REQUIRED on a daily basis. :)

I wish him the best of luck and I'm very happy he was able to step away. It's like coming out of a very bad relationship...you just feel sooo free.


Starman said...

That explains why I didn't hear from you last week :D

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