Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Theramore Chat

(Theramore Wallpaper)

Man, the chat on the boat from Menethil to Theramore is sooo engaging. :)


Bahamy said...

Wow..just wow lol. Some of the stuff ppl want to talk about. but in my opinion im all for it, its not just that I am gay but I dont have the right to deny someone, if they like it more power to em.

Alachia said...

I just thought it was one of the most bizarre /says I'd heard in a long time. Like the way he phrased it...like it was something from a political debate. bizzare..
and it never got hostile really.. it was just something asked..like he was asking the same way you'd ask someone: how do you feel about raiding karazhan?. :D

Unknown said...

I'm all for Gay Male Love...simply because Gay Male Hate is just too Catty :3

Alachia said...

I watched all 5 seasons of QAF, omg.. gay male love is HOT! :)
If ALL gay male sex is like that, please let me be re-incarnated as a gay man in my next life!

Bahamy said...

Yah I wouldent want to be another gay man in my next life, in fact im only 14 right now but being gay has its ups and downs, I dunno what an up is but a down/s are/is. Being set on fire, stoned, beaten,picked on, raped,killed,hanged,etc.. -.- its morbid to say but I know ppl that had that happen to them.

Alachia said...

intolerance is deplorable..especially in this country. I hope that in a few more years the rest of the country will finally wake up and stop being ignorant and hateful.

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