Sunday, September 30, 2007

Watch me Fly!

Thanks to Sadin and Felix's warrior and lock, I was able to blow through the pally epic mount quest series...from eastern plaguelands to Southshore to Dire Maul to Scholo...and about 350g later, I'm riding the golden horned beast... and two minutes after that, I turned in 50 AV tokens to get my Battle Ram.

I use this macro:
/cast [nocombat, nomounted] Crusader Aura; [mounted] Concentration Aura;
/use [nocombat, nomounted] Stormpike Battle Charger;

and bam!! I fly at the speed of light every time I mount up and am ready for battle every time I dismount.

and for those of you who like the look of the Pally Warhorse instead, you can use this macro:
/cast [nocombat, nomounted] Summon Warhorse
/castsequence [mounted] Crusader Aura, Summon Warhorse
/cast [mounted] Concentration Aura

The reason I don't like the Warhorse macro is that you have to hit the macro twice in order to change the aura because it's two casts not a /use...I like the all in one..

but man... you sure do FLY when you've got cader aura!


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