Monday, February 19, 2007

10,000 HP

We started practicing arenas this weekend since we have to have 10 matches done by Thursday. :D
Our make-up is Felix (warlock), Sadin (warrior), Taint (druid), Alachia (priest), and Maebee (priest). It's not an ideal set up. In fact, I had no idea how horrible priests were in PvP without serious know-how. Just at base value, they're fleshy cloth wearers who have very little armor and hp to begin with. They are the NUMBER 1 target for most PvP encounters. One, that means I die first. Two, that means its extremely hard for me to cast anything.

I respecced twice this weekend. I finally settled on a triple talent tree spec based off the experience doing the practice arena skirmishes. Fear, silence, power word shield, and spirit of redemption seemed like important aspects for me.

My current PvP priest spec

I chose these talents out of the trees because they seemed the most useful to me for arena battle.

Unbreakable Will- resist to Fear, Stun, Silence by 15%
Inner Focus- Reduces mana cost of next spell by 100%
Improved Power Word Shield-Increase Damage Absorbed by 15%

Spell Warding-Reduces all spell damage taken by 10%
Spirit of Redemption-Free healing after death for 15 seconds

Silence-Silences target for 5 seconds

A lot of people told me that silence is a huge mistake. But being able to silence the mage straight out of battle before he/she can CC me or being able to silence a warlock before he/she dots me up saves me so much time. Plus, it's an instant cast. Improved psychic scream is also fearing is my only means of getting melee off of me...unless they're a beast mastery hunter.. :P

I toyed with the idea of going full discipline to get pain supression (reduces all damage taken by 60% for 8 seconds). However, everyone said that this can be offensively dispelled very, very easily. I'm still debating it though...if I have enough buffs on me, maybe it'll last long enough for me to get a those critical heals off. Doubtful though.

I made it a mission this weekend to improve my gear for PvP. I started doing battlegrounds...AB and AV for the first time ever. But I mostly ran Eye of the Storm. I have to get about 60k honor for all the stuff I want to buy. RESILIENCE gear baby! ALL THE WAY. Hahahaha.. Actually, I've been reading different things online. I can't find any concrete data regarding the effectiveness of resilience gear but at this point, I'll stack shit just for precaution.

If you haven't checked it out yet, is a great site for people interested in WoW Arena Battles. I've been reading up on the priest portion of the blog..and eyeying Jesta's current PvP Priest spec. Still unsure.

I collected 60 [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder] to get 3 Halaa Research Tokens and killed 60 horde to get Halaa Battle Tokens in Nagrand at Halaa to get Hierophant's Leggings and Hierophant's Sash. I grabbed every piece of stamina gear I could find and had +stamina gear enchants put on. My last task is to get Clefthide Leg Armor made for my pants for an additional +30 stamina.

Currently, my HP is over 10,000k! After vamping up my gear, I saw a huge difference in my survivability. It was amazing how long I lasted in battlegrounds. I still get WTF PWNED when 3-4 melee jump me. I figure most of them do 2k dmg per second. That's about 5 hits and then I'm a dead gal.

Anyhow, should be interesting this week as we have our first round of matches. From what I've seen so far.....Warlocks and Paladins FTW!


KaizeN said...

Lollerskates. Eveen if you put both my hp and mp together and doubled it, you'd still be a fair 2000 points ahead on just hp alone X_x

So you guys are gonna start doing Arena :o I hope things go well, there's nothing quite like fighting an opponent in a controlled enviroment.

Unlike the hectic battle grounds, I could see Arena being somthing like a game of chess.

Not quite sure if you can use potions in Arena, but I'd strongly suggest packing some free action potions.

30 seconds of protection against all movement impairing effects, could easily be the decider between life and death.

wowcast said...

unfortunately no consumables are allowed..and you can't use abilities that are more than 10mins.

that means no SS or battle rez...or pots or food. :(

Anonymous said...

What spec is Sadin using on his warrior? I'm curious to know what he went with while lvling to 70. atm my warrior is fury specced and at lvl 50.

wowcast said...

Sadin is Arms/Fury spec. His 1-70 was different than most of the warriors I know. Because he had such uber healers with him (hehehe), he almost never was in defensive stance and he almost never had a shield equipped. He was pure dps pretty much.

That may change after we do arenas and start to PVE though.

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