Sunday, February 25, 2007


Okay okay. I drew in the pool of piss but I felt it was implied. :)

We took a break from WSG tonight and helped Boozefort level. He's ooching his way into 69 now and still on full rested XP. He's burning up the quests in Netherstorm (my recommended leveling grounds from 68-70). We did the Nexus-King Salhadaar quest line for him and that got him masssive XP and his new axe. What we did was drop party and let him tag it while we dpsed and healed. Since all the mobs are still green to us, he still got full XP as if he were soloing.


WSG took a beating out of us this afternoon. We played for somewhere around 10 hours I think before calling it a night for battlegrounds to help Booze. WSG is a bitch. Alliance tend to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's insane how good at group think the horde are. What's your secret?!

The funny thing I thought was that we find ourselves saying things like "damn mother f0cking pallies!!! They just won't die!" hahahha. I wonder if the horde feel the same about shamans and their totems.

After losing about 5 games in a row towards the end, Felix and I decided to run Eye of the Storm where we owned and got way more honor.

My estimated honor for today is 5855k. So it'll be less because of the diminishing returns nurf. :) One thing I have noticed about PvP is that it's costly. Because I don't have access to a vending machine, I'm buying tons of water at 65s for 5 stacks. I'm trying to get my mage to 65 so I can at least get the 5500mana water.

Tomorrow, we'll grind out more honor but probably less WSG and more EoTS. I'm hoping to be able to get my next 24k honor set piece by Monday. Not sure what I'll go for.


Matt Tan said...

Unless you already have them, you could go for the boots because they are epics (c'mon! it's purple!) otherwise, the shoulders or helm will probably be most visually enhancing.

I've got the epic shoulders and am waiting to get a couple more pieces before I use it though. Call me vain, but I think it looks silly all on it's own.

I put this list together a few weeks ago to track what I needed vs what I had in my bag (so I didn't have to keep running back to champ's hall)

60 Rare
shoulders - 4125 + 20ab
helm - 6375 + 30av
gloves - 4125 + 20av
boots - 4125 + 20ab
legs - 6375 + 30wsg
chest - 6750 + 30ab

total = 31875 + 70ab + 50av + 30wsg

60 Epic
shoulders - 12375 + 20ab
helm - 19125 + 30av
gloves - 12375 + 20av
boots - 12375 + 20ab
legs - 19125 + 30wsg
chest - 20250 + 30ab

total = 95626 + 70ab + 50av + 30wsg

70 Rare
shoulders - 14850 + 20ab
helm - 23625 + 30av
gloves - 14850 + 20av
boots - na
legs - 23625 + 30wsg
chest - 24300 + 30ab
belt - na
bracers - na

total = 101250 + 70ab + 50av + 30wsg

70 Epic
shoulders - na
helm - na
gloves - na
boots - 21000 + 40eos
legs - na
chest - na
belt - 21000 + 40ab
bracers - 13875 + 20wsg

total = 55875 + 40eos + 40ab + 20wsg

Anonymous said...

Want to know our secret? We're Horde! The only real faction! Now we that we have paladins, there's nothing to stop us! Hahahahahahaha!

Seriously, Horde > Alliance.

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