Thursday, February 08, 2007

Slim Shady

Guess who's back, back again
Shady's back, tell a friend

lol. I wonder if Eminem plays WoW. Doubtful :)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if players on RP servers ever disliked the use of "easter egg" NPC/item names in WoW.

jason said...

It's Wow's world I just play in it, therefore me being an RP server kinda guy doesn't get upset or dislike the easter egg npc's.

Anonymous said...

But do you actively participate in the RP aspect of an RP server?

wowcast said...

I think it's all about how you define role playing.

I've always been interested in trying it at one point. There is a strong notion that RP players only like to engage in a strict fantasy-set role. But something tells me that there can be a Role Playing style that embraces the world of warcraft as it is....even with tongue and cheek reminders of RL sci/fi and pop culture in the game....that virtual environment can be accepted as is.

I have yet to meet a hardcore RP fantasy player who rejects the flexibible RL social encounters that happen in WoW... of course, I have yet to meet a hardcore RP player period.

jason said...

Yes, I do actively participate in the RP aspect of the server, I'm in a full on RP guild, I'm in character in /s /g anytime I chat. We do have a dedicated ooc channel we use, but, use it rarely.

I'm a lvl 66 Troll Shaman on the Scarlet Crusade server.

If you seperate reality from WoW it's easy to write off the fact that someone's name in game is "Slim". While OOC it makes the whole thing funny, my IC idea of it is that it's no different than any other person/NPC I meet.

Anonymous said...

Ah, fair enough then. Just curious, is all.

jason said...

That's cool...In a way I'm part of a rare breed, most of the people that play even on an RP server don't RP which is, if either of you is looking to join a very serious RP guild..let me know and roll a Horde on Scarlet Crusade!

Also, I don't shun the idea of talking RP either. So, if you wanted to know anything else about our "mystique" LOL...let me know.

Otherwise in the words of the "famous" wow4life baby.

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