Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Black Morass

Hehehe. I love space/time continuum. There is an instance in the Caverns of Time called The Black Morass. Apprently, The Black Morass is the swampy land where Medivh opens up the Dark Portal which in turn rifts the area into The Blasted Lands and Swamp of Sorrows. The encounter takes place in the past, obviously, and is pretty damn fun. 18 waves of mobs come and you're goal is to keep them off of Medivh so he can perform the opening of the portal.


Draxin said...

I rerolled as a Blood Elf for the expansion. Decided to experience all this new content with my Blood Elf character first, so I've waited.

I am so looking foreward to the Caverns of Time. Glad you found it fun as that's been one of my main motivations to stay focused on leveling.

And on a side note, today at work (where I am now) has been mind-numbingly dull. Listening to some old WoWCasts I had missed or hadn't heard in a while. Getting me through the day!Thank you! :P

wowcast said...

oh wow. thanks!!! I feel like a loser actually. I had hoped to get out Episode 24 Monday but I'm still editing. Tonight, hopefully or tomorrow afternoon for sure.

The episodes with a lot of vent recordings or audio recordings take the longest to edit..because I sift through 2-3 hours of blah blah blah. :)

but it's almost done! And the good news it that Episode 25 is already recorded. Just needs some slight editing! woot! barring any unfortunate recording issues that is. hehe.. fingers crossed.

let me guess, a blood elf pally? :D

Phil said...

Just wiped on the 12th wave in The Black Morass ;_;. Definitely the hardest stuff I've ever seen so far (when it comes to five-man content) in this game.

Tulgaat said...

Yeah that 2nd boss is pretty tough. Aggro management is key in that as he is untauntable and has a debuff that slowly cuts the effectiveness of all heals on the tank.

I've spent the last two nights in Karazhan, Moroes is another tough fight. Especially for a horde guild with no paladins yet.

draxin said...

Episode 24 was a blast. Listened to it this morning - which was a fantastic distraction from work, gunna be here late. So much for valentines day! =\

That's awesome that episode 25 is already nearly ready. I'll be looking foreward to that one too :)

And nope, I'm not a paladin. I'm a blood elf hunter. :)

spurlock said...

Question for you. Prior to running Black Morass, you have to run Old Hillsbrad, where you rescue a young Thrall. At least that is what happens for the horde.

When the horde run Old Hillsbrad, however, we are transformed into humans. Its kind of interesting to see your toon with the different animations.

Do the alliance experience racial change in Old Hillsbrad?

wowcast said...

Humans don't know about night elves at that point so NEs get transformed into humans as well. Gnomes and dwarves stay the same though.

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