Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WoWcast Episode 24 Notes

(The Dark Portal on the night of the The Burning Crusade release)

(Sadin jumped into this chimney, karma for what he did to Taint in Episode 13)

(Alachia on her new riding mount, the Ebon Gryphon)

World of Warcraft(R): The Burning Crusade(TM) Shatters Day-1 Sales Record

Riding Crop

Special Thanks to Kaizen, JoJoKnit, and Dorthonion for donating!

Also thank you, thank you to everyone who helped me find a way to recover my iaudio files!!! MUCHO GRACIAS!



Unknown said...

Hey Hey. So Insted of hearthing if you get stuck in a chimney again just use the Auto-Stuck in the help menu :). Anyway I was quite happy to see a new cast was up.

I just got my copy of BC about a week ago and I have only had about 3 hours to play beacuse of work :'( WORK SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Work does suck. I'm stuck here today after braving the horrible weather...anyhow...glad to see a new podcast up, I'll probably check it out tonight or save it to help me get through working on Saturday...

Trevor said...

You live with your mom? O_o

Alachia said...

LMAO!!! I was actually going to edit that out...I was like...these people are going to think I live with my mom. hahaha.. No. She lives 4.5 hours away from me. I meant to say "go home"..not "come home"....She left like 4 messages on my voicemail. I also got a call from Taint and Sadin that day pestering me to come home before it got dark the the temperature dropped.

and as much as I love my mother to pieces, living with her would make me criminally insane.

Auto-Stuck uses up your hearth much like dropping party in an instance...you get hearthed but the timer on your hearthstone resets.

FYI. VDAY sucks. Nothing like watching people running around trying to epitomize love in the form of chocolates, roses, and diamonds. :) hahahahahhaa. I'm going to go watch the Black Dahlia now and then go level up mage. :P

Alachia said...

appologies....please forgive my momentary lapse of cynicism.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I never noticed that about the timer on the auto-stuck, but once I thought about it, it totally makes sense.

Now if I could only find a few hours to play. I think with all this work I might not be able to really play until April or something.

My new mantra is "61 or Bust" thanks to Alachia

BTW, what ever happened to Sam's Epic New years Pod Cast Anyway??

Alachia said...

regarding Sam's New Year's special...good question. I have a few theories. He probably either found a job or he got sucked in The Burning Crusade and never returned.

In anycase, I hope he returns soon.

Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...


You hit it out of the park with episode 24. This episode epitomizes everything I like about wowcast. It wasn’t an episode about the Burning Crusade expansion; it was your experience with the Burning Crusade.

I love the risk that you took with your spontaneous recordings. Some podcasters tell you how they waited in line at midnight to pick up the Burning Crusade. You did them all one better by taking the listener along with you. Most people couldn’t have pulled that off. Your excitement is contagious which made what could have been a very boring segment (standing in line waiting to buy a game) fun and interesting. You took us along on yet another step on your journey through the game.

I enjoyed the segment where you all dinged 70. You shared another milestone with your listeners. It was fun to see the competition within your group. They are obviously such a big part of your gameplay that it was only appropriate that you memorialized all of them hitting 70. I will say that I was rooting for Felix to hit 70 first, as he seems like the underdog among the four.

I was a bit concerned about the guy in the game store who was holding up the sign with Scarlet Crusade written on it. As you know, I play horde on Scarlet Crusade, a role playing server. Surely this sad and lonely figure played alliance, and not the horde. Well, I can hope anyway.

Once again, great show.


Alachia said...

Thanks Spurlock!
It was definitely a pretty exciting experience!

Hopefully you leave rave reviews for next week's show which features, well, mostly you. hahahaha :D

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