Saturday, February 24, 2007

Power Infused Mushroom

So we had Italian for lunch and Chipotle for dinner. In between and after, we ran Warsong Gulch (double honor weekend) over and over and over again. We had quite a bit of a winning streak for awhile but then got slammed by a few pre-mades with dual fire mages and thunderfury rogues. ouch!

I think I got about 4.3k honor this evening.

But no worries! I found this I-WIN trinket in the bank I fogot I had! Now it's total pwnage!!!! hahahahhahahhaha!!! Power Infused Mushroom..can I get a midi playback please? :D


Robb said...

Where the hell do I get a shroom like that ?


Don said...

Priest nuff coming.
Need all the help we can get

wowcast said...

yeah.. I tasted vomit when they told me about it. :(

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