Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My static part (tai,sad,felix,me) steemrolled through to 70 really fast. I'll be the first to admit we were one of those groups of people who acted like reaching 70 as fast as possible was the only right thing to our lives depended on it. heh. We were joking and saying things like "Who plays for content? We just play for xp!" lmao.

But seriously, we all knew we had several more characters to level up and that would be the time to appreciate the details of the content. And sure enough, as Felix and I have been leveling up our next set (his pally, my mage), I've gotten to notice a ton of details I completely missed. Things that really, really make the WoWverse something extremely unique to engage in and experience. The richness of the details like the way the fountain is designed or the way the lamp posts have glowing light-bug thing bouncing in them...

If you study the history of art or sculpture or architecture, you learn how so much of the design was all about experience and bringing certain emotions alive. All of those aspects are very prevalent in WoW and perhaps that's why the game is so addictive. Because for the first time, in a long time, we can feel awoken....our senses, our aspirations, our desire for accomplishment...things that have been extremely dumbed down by modern social culture.

I often say, to the dismay of fellow architects, that architecture is dead. Then, I point to our local stores and malls and movie theaters and restaurants. How generically low-bid they are...all about ease of construction and the lowest budget possible...almost never do I hear a client talk about what the architecture can do for society but rather what architectural needs they have themselves. Basically, for the average American, at least, architecture is artless... But in WoW, the idea of vastly influencing experience and social engagement truly shine through.


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