Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So are you South side or West side? I'm a south side girl. Me and dah Scryers are like THIS tight!
hahaha. not really. I just gained enough faction with them though that the Aldor's start attacking me on sight. I landed my bird on the Aldor platform and the guards just started kicking my arse. Luckily, I was able to fly off before they finished me off.
I'm not sure but I think it's progressive. Felix said he had just chosen faction with the Scryers and accidentally went into Aldor turf and the guards came and ported him out of the city. The next time he invaded their turf again later that weekend, he got attacked. Shat city is pretty violent for having the horde and alliance on netural ground. I kind of like this new element...that combined with the slums gives it a realy gritty edge.
Which contrasts highly with the snooty upper class Scryer pad. Elegant water fountains, plush red carpet walkways, and velvet lined setees. There's nothing quite like it on the alliance side so I was really drawn to it. Unfortunately, you should not make your Shat city faction choice by aesthetics alone, actually at all.

I spent a good hour going back and forth looking at the rep rewards. is a good place to help compare. Wowwiki says that Scyer gear focuses more on PvP combat while Aldor has more focus on PVE. However, you should really look at the gear and rewards themselves to make the real decision.


jason said...

The other night I spent like 2 hours in Shat seems so huge especially with the lower section as well.

I'm a West Side kinda guy ;)

Maclort said...

South Side ftw!

I took days, i kept deciding then re-deciding.
But i got TBC magazine which has all faction rewards of the new factions - handy.
The deciding factor for me was the Spellthread... drool

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