Friday, February 23, 2007

Felix visiting

So I'm pretty excited. Since Taint and Sadin are out of town, Felix volunteered to come visit and keep me company. We're planning on hitting up the BGs like crazy to get massive honor this weeked. We were hoping Eye of the Storm would be the double honor game this weekend. But most importantly, I get to eat food! I mean real food..not just pop tarts, cereal, and tomatoes. hehehe. I'm one of those people who don't cook and hate going out to eat by myself.

I'm hoping for IHOP, Texas Roadhouse, Thai food, Sphagetti...yum!!!

Hoping to get some food soon actually. All I've had today is a glass of orange juice.

Soo fueling up and then BG onward!
Only 80,000 more pvp honor points to go!!! :)


jason said...

Now I'm hungry!

Good luck in the BG's, I've still gotta hit 70. I'm 68 right now...soooo close!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to hit record a couple times!! FEEELLLIIX WIPED THE GROUP

wowcast said...

hahahahhahaha... lmao!

KaizeN said...

Lollerskates, what's a pop tart :o? Sounds like a muffin or somthing :-/

Anywho. 80,000 honor O_O?? Is that for the full level 70 BG set :o?
I checked that on my Mage, just to see what it was like, little disapointed they re-used the field marshal textures tbh.

Uhh so do you and Felix not get to meet up too often then :o?

wowcast said...

Poptarts are the american version of a pastry. heheh.

Felix and I went to the same high school, then college, and he used to live in Austin, Texas like the rest of us. But he's currently in Beaumont, Texas (4.5 hours away), to go back to school for another degree.

But he's been visiting often so we still get to see each other.

I was very sad when he said he was leaving and he promised he'd return when he's done with his degree. :(

I think someone calculated that you need like 105k honor for the entire 70 BG set. So I was off by a few thousand. :)

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