Sunday, February 04, 2007

Alachia Takes Flight

WoWcast Vids Session 5

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Anonymous said...

I never knew a flying mount could be so emotional.../ a good way.

Awesome vid!

Trevor said...

Nice vid, to bad you got the blue one, yet again I am horde, /evil

Did you get the torrent to work?

Anonymous said...

That video was awesome, I cant wait to get my flying mount, keep up the good work Alachia. I love the podcast ^_^

Alachia said...

The only other choices were brown and white so I went with the Ebon.

Flying has been awesome. I'm still working on money to get my epic mount. So far, it's been slow going with the cash gain. :P

My mage is almost to level 62 now. I'm hoping she can help me make more money through quests. Since she's pretty geared, I can just sell off her quest rewards or DE them.

Jarael said...

Nice!! I picked up the same black mount on Saturday night when I dinged 70. Probably the greatest part of the flying mount is making the grand entrance in the cities, coming in for a landing... clear the runway.

Of course its also fun in the neitherstorm where you can perch on top of the buildings. Whenever I go afk or log I'm always on top of a building.

Alachia said...

We use it for pvp advantages too. :)

The night we got our mounts, Taint and I would fly to the trees above the Ring of Blood in Nagrand. You can pretty much hide in the branches for the most part. Then Terrer (warrior) would start hacking down the horde and we would heal him from out of sight.

It takes them awhile to catch on...hehe..

It's also a great way to scout without fear of attack...just don't fly within range. :D

Anonymous said...

when you do the whole dropping from the sky and ganking type of thing... i wanna see a better soundtrack. something along the lines of death metal would suit the mood i think.

Anonymous said...

When is the next episode coming out? Are you slacking? 0.o

Alachia said...

...started editing tonight. crap tons of audio to go's funny, sometimes I go from 2 hours of audio to 15 minutes.

Miguelgigante said...

Wow! That is a great video. I am 69 now. One more level to go and I can't wait. :D

I am going to get the black one as well.

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