Monday, February 05, 2007


F#*$@#(!~!!! I know everyone likes to believe that the behind the scenes here works like clockwork...but it doesn't. At least not for me, especially not for me. I just lost ALL of my recordings from my iAudio for the Burning Crusade release.... I imported the wave files and then put them into Audacity. Then I saved the file and OH SO WISELY deleted the original voice recordings. As it turns out, the Audacity file is somehow corrupted and won't give me any playback. I can see the wave files but it won't play any sound. Somebody please one shot me right now! This is why you don't edit late at night. It impairs your judgement. OMFG.

....deflated.... :`(


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Anonymous said...

Oh, man, that's harsh.

spurlock said...


What do you do to feel better when hours of work go down the drain?

10. Sigh with disappointment, but smile knowing that when you redo the show, it will be even better than the original.
9. Take comfort in the fact that you know your listeners, although disappointed, will only anticipate the show even more.
8. Take your level 70 to the barrens and kill every horde in sight. Do it for a week.
7. Go buy a new monitor and mouse to replace the ones you broke.
6. Prank call Starman at 1:00 AM server time.
5. Rerecord the podcast at work. If someone looks at you askew, get up in their grill and ask them if they want you to go Leroy Jenkins on their ass.
4. Just phone the BC episode in. Intro music. Alachia's voice. "You can hit 70 now and explore new zones. Oh yeah, 2 new races." Closing music.
3. Sue Microsoft for allowing you to delete the backups prematurely.
2. Take a nice relaxing bath, with your toaster. Oh, wait, scratch that one.
1. Read this list, laugh a little, get your ass back behind the mic, and put out another kick ass show.

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wowcast said...

hahahhaha..thanks Spur. now the whole office is wondering why I'm cackling at my monitor. lol.

yeah, it's been frustrating. kind of like losing the 10 page paper I failed to save after writing it for 6 hours during an all night session... Only to rewrite the whole thing in the one hour I had left before class.

It just makes me want to destroy something beautiful. I'm going to try a couple or recovery programs people have suggested but after cussing myself out for an hour last night, I've decided I will get over this and move on....and cuss myself out more later tonight. hahahah.

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