Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life after 70

I spent most of tonight working my uber frost mage to level 63. I just got the new frost bolt. It took me quite some time to get back into her but now I remember why I loved her so much. The dmg is just sick. Sick Sick Sick!

Felix's pally and she have been tearing up Zangermarsh. I must say the second go around is a lot easier without everyone and their mother fighting for the same mobs. :)

Zanger is pretty safe from 70s too since not too many of them circle like vultures in the air like in Hellfire and Nagrand. Thank goodness for the shroom clouds that block out visuals from the air. hehe.

Taint is leveling his hunter up solo since it's easier and faster that way....I don't need to say it but I will...overpowered. :D

We'll be starting up arena soon. I need to respec my shadow priest. Any PvP priests out there got any advice? This is what I might be going with



Anonymous said...

If you want to go all pvp face melter I recommend:

Its pretty gimped for raiding. But you'll kick ass in the arena and the BGs.

Go with this if you want to raid:

Trevor said...

Blessed recovery sounds great, but it sucks. DONT take it. Their are better talents to get.

Alachia said...

why do they call it face melting?

Anonymous said...

Seems to only apply to casters with DoTs, ey? Especially the undead... -_-;;

Anonymous said...

So, I guess when something melts, it's a relatively slow process that destroys the object.

Rogues, however, they just rip your face clean off.

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