Friday, February 16, 2007

What's the perfect number?

Dear: Alachia,

First, let me warn you that my spelling can get out of hand. My freind and I have know eachother for YEARS befor we started playing WoW. We are both big fans of your show and were interested in static groups when we herd you talking bout it. He is a 42 frost mage and I am a level 43 fury warrior. we know we can't do a two man instance our level so, I was wondering, what classes do you think we need and how many people we could get away with in our static party.

Thanks, Zorkmide (pronunced with out the "e") of the venture .co server

Yo Zorkmide,

Interestingly enough, the best static party consists of two people. A healer/hybrid-healer and DPS (caster or melee). The next best is a 3 man static party with two DPS and 1 healer/hybrid-healer. Then 4 and then 5. Five man static parties are a classic because it's the intended party cap Blizzard designated...but leveling goes about 30% slower I think because of collection quests and RL schedules. My favorite static part is Felix and myself. My most enjoyable time leveling was when he brought up his druid and I brought up my rogue to about level 40 and then Sadin brought in his rogue and we were the coolest stealth static party ever! heh. We have the same play styles, Felix and I, we like to do things fast but we also don't mind taking the time to pick herbs and do mining or take a screenshot. :)

To make your static party complete, I'd find a healer, any kind will do..shammy, druid, priest, pally.. You'll do really well with'll have all the classic roles, tank, dps, healer. As far as having enough to do instances, if you and your party member are good, you can easily just find 2-3 puggers. It's not so bad especially with a healer/dps combo. In your case, you'd just need to find a decent pug healer.

Limiting the amout in your static party is a good thing actually because then there's less schedules to have to coordinate. You might be able to get away without a third if you can't find one, you'll just have to invest in tons of bandages and healing'll go slower though but it's doable.

Good luck!

WoW4Life Baby!
70 or bust!



jason said...

I feel the exact same way, just because an instance states it's a 5 man doesn't necessarily mean you need 5. You can get through an instance just as easily with 3. If you're good.

jason said...

Me again!


So, I'm using this lovely green pen...if you have so many, I'll have to let you know when I'm out of ink!

Love the new show!

Matthew said...

I agree, 2 is a good number. Me and my pet ftw!

J. C. KnitNStuff said...

Great post. Since me and my husband started playing together we keep discussing what type of characters we should be playing to compliment each other. Since we just passed on the addiction to a close friend I think we have finally got our own core group.

KaizeN said...

My static party consists of me and my girlfriend. I being a Frost Mage, and her being a Fire Mage.

We've gone from 1 to our high 50's by ourselves, running instances, doing quests etc.

It's really a matter of the spec you're built towards more then the class you play.
For instance we're pretty much built towards doing as much damage as we can, as fast as possible, simply because we know we don't have the luxury of a tank or healer.

My suggestion to anyone who is looking to start a static party, regardless of 2 or 5, try to adapt your character to cover your static party weaknesses. That doesn't even mean you need a healer, just know your limitations, and know your teams limitations.

Once you know that, you can then formulate an answer as to erase those limitations.

Our mind set is "We don't need a healer, if they're too dead to hurt us" :P

wowcast said...

Hey Jason. Please send me an email with who you'd like me to give a shout out to you to thank you for the donation! Thanks!

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