Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Girly vs Priest image

(alachia wearing a dress)

It's funny, I made this recording back when I was a full shadowpriest on the way to work while I was stuck in traffic. I was going to save it for the podcast but the background noise was too loud so I opted to just post it as one of my on the go mp3s. I'm basically admitting why I didn't want to play the priest in the first place...and how I discovered how wrong I was. Even though I'm not shadowpriest anymore, I still feel the same way. No matter how much Blizzard hates us, I still think we kick ass. Healers FTW!

The funny part is that today, my priest finally got a chest piece that looks like a real dress. woot! girly!




Anonymous said...

They be some tiny shoulder armour you 'ave there, lass.

wowcast said...

yarrr...that be a true!
but meh stamina is surrrrrleeey nuthin to be a laughin about, mate!

why am I talking pirate? ahahahhaha.

Trevor said...

Yarrr I be stealin booty from the gaming clinic.

They sure have got to have some phat booty!

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