Monday, May 21, 2007

Amen Brotha!

Yeah, every class whines but I've been trying to hold my complaints off for a very long time. But it's good to know that I'm not completely insane. Reading the forum above, it's good to know I'm not so alone.

The real gem about PvP is that not many people are going to hand you a manual and be like, here is every combination of classes you can go against and here is what you do! It's about experience, listening, and learning. And surviving the frustration of course.

"Erebus" on the first page of that forum post says a lot imo. SP totally got balanced for PvE but moved down second class PvPers. They keep buffing the burst damage of melee and other spell casters but have done nothing to help balance out the stam/hp for priests. This makes us almost instant fodder.

I can handle my own in larger groups though as I have good players with me who really look after me. Hunters and rogues can really help out a SP like no tomorrow. Be kind to your friends! hahahaha.

As some one else mentioned, the Massive increase to Burst damage and hit us rediculously hard. As a class that relies on 60% of our dmg or more in PvP to come from our dots, we cannot compete with the other classes which can either Burst DPS us down, or CC us the entire fight. The lack of viable CC for our class puts us at a very strong disadvantage. We cannot blind/sheep/sap/seduce/chainfear/deathcoil/trap/cyclone/root/frost nova/ etc like just about every other class with the exception of warriors. because of this we always have to fight a reactive fight, unless we see our enemy first.

amen brotha.. amen.


Unknown said...

"It's about experience, listening, and learning. And surviving the frustration of course."

You are bloody well right ! I played a hunter for 8 months, got him to 70, got exalted with AB, WG and AV. Trust me, a hunter is very easy to solo and his a god in PvP, since the moment we were able to set traps while considered in combat.

I am now playing a protection spec warrior, in a new guild which we all started from scratch again. No CC, it's completly another game and I am not enjoying PvP being spec the way I am now, but do enjoy raiding a lot.

I was wondering, what about your psychic scream? Isn't that a good CC for SP in PvP? I don't know how good it's working in Arena though.

Anyway, keep the experience coming and good luck managing the frustration.

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