Saturday, May 05, 2007

Corporate Sponsorship

We've all been waiting for it...and the first to come throught the Corporate Sponsorship door!?? ding ding ding! VISA!!

Congratulations Visa on a terrific marketing move! You've made the right decision!

The card that pays you to play... It's so bloody brilliant it hurts :P

Bank of Ironforge closed! Bank of Visa open today! Low low interest rates! And if you apply today, you get one free [large glimmering shard]!



Unknown said...

I do beleive it to be a great marketing move and a smart idea. On the otther hand, I find this idea to be released a little bit late knowing this game was released end of 2004. I may give it a try though. Why not !

Another great "lesson learned" for the next gen MMORPG from Blizz yet to come.


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