Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Interview with Elunes Grace

I just did an interview with Elly and Sal, the hosts of http://elunesgracepodcast.blogspot.com/. It's a refreshing WoW podcast that gives you all the necessary meat about WoW related topics..events, news, quests. It's sweet yet down to business..a great podcast for your morning drive to work.

I get absolutely nervous for interviews. It's terrifying when you think about it. How people are just about to find out how ordinarily boring you are! :)

But I had fun doing it as jittery as I was. It's nice to meet other podcasters and even more so, other WoW players. Always interesting to sit down with people and find out that this WoWverse we all patake in isn't full of just game mechanic geeks and nubers. They're every day people...the kind you'd go shopping with...have lunch with...talk about politics and economics...except you talk about game dynamics. game politics, game economics...

...off to do Arenas now! We hit 1701 last night with a new group dynamic. We've added a holy priest and hunter to our 5v5 group. I'm slowly learning to PvP with Shadow. A very interesting twist and turn from the holy/disc build. And damnit all! I had already bought my gladiator chest piece for healing!! Now I have to buy one for DPS. :( I blame Taint! hahahaha.


Matt Tan said...

Hunter huh?

I get excited when Hunters get love, but I don't want to gush.

Here's a thought, the other day I bought a blue 2H sword of AH that had stats comparable to the epic ZG destroyer of worlds 2H'er and I thought "OMG! cool!" but then somehow I think winning the roll or paying DKP for the ZG one would have been more rewarding overall.

Elly said...

It was on honor to have you on our show Alachia! Thank you for being our guest.

Congratz on the success of your arena team! You go girl! I can't wait to try it myself. I may need some priestly advice.

Unknown said...

Great interview... its good to hear you all girls talking so wisely about wow... keep it up you are the best !

J. C. KnitNStuff said...

You are like a Rockin' Star celebrity. Look at you go!!! I was so excited to hear you on there. I couldn't listen and play so I had to knit and listen to it a second time.

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