Friday, May 11, 2007

World of Fashioncraft

Sometimes I'll just see something in WoW and become totally obsessed with it. A whole different kind of loot whore. It has more to do with the coolness and self-pleasing factor than the uber gear factor.

Ever since I saw that Blood Elf Bandit Mask in the trade channel and people posted about twinking out my bank toon, I was hooked.

Tonight, Xelaere offered to help me get the full unadorned set from the horde side over to a neutral auction house in Booty Bay. From there, I transferred it to my my main who then handed it over Xelaere the alliance version...and from there to my bank toon!

I had to reroll her since she was a gnome mage. First, it's a waste to twink out a gnome for looks. You can hardly see the gear. Second, unadorned set is mail. So I rolled a Draenei pally and got her to level 5!

She's also sporting a white moth pet and a [soap on a rope] necklace.

It's funny. In that time, I could have farmed up 10 primal airs or something equivalent to at least a 100g. Yet, I feel very happy and fulfilled anyhow!

woohoo! My bank toon is pazaaaz!!

Thanks again Xel for the help! And also special thank to Felix for farming the Blood Elf Bandit mask for me. Who knew grey gear could make you feel so spoiled. :)


it's like Christmas!


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