Thursday, May 17, 2007


I remember looking at this chart a few months ago and kind of having a sense of pride. How nice it is to belong to such a huge community. But at the same time, as I've delved more into the ideas of the metaverse and actually creating a real and thriving working meta society...a lot of realizations came to me.

If WoW is the catalyst for what we now recognize as the start of a real metaverse...a great platform for how a virtual existance can begin.... what happens if it ends?

WoW no doubt takes up a huge chunk of the pie and it's very game based..its users are all of a certain goal orientation. If you take that away, is there anything left?

I keep thinking of what a future metaverse would look like. Where Alachia isn't just my identity related to a priest or mage or engineer or medic etc. Where Alachia is simply Alachia in the meta.. period. And that she can assume many roles.. some to fulfill game-like fantasies and other times to explore philisophical topics or to kick back and watch youtube videos with friends or to read up on the news or look up random words for the hell of it. Anything.

Tonight's topic for MetaTalk is going to explore the idea of 'How WoW is Meta?'
What kind of a social impact would it have on most of us if we were to lose this medium overnight? What kind of connections would we stand to lose? Or would we evolve into something else?

How WoWcentric are we?


matagin said...

What is MetaTalk and how do I participate?

Unknown said...

OK I'll try to be there as long as possible but I've got a KZ Raid to get to. Gotta gear up my new Pally :3.


Unknown said...

To be true, I am surprised by the market share of Lineage games. But still wow rocks to his fullest. I'm glad and pround to be a member of this wide and vast community.

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