Saturday, September 01, 2007

Death to Snow Crash

Like a lot of other people, I read Neil Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash back in the mid-1990s (along with other staples like Neuromancer and the still-applicable True Names). Like many, I was entranced by the idea of digital avatars with detailed facial expressions (something we were working on in 1995 and continue to today), and by the idea of the ‘Metaverse’ – of having a digital home in a bustling virtual world that was somehow entirely immersive, that moved beyond visual and auditory to the kinesthetic. I was so taken with the idea as presented that I was willing to overlook its technical faults, and like so many others, dreamt of a huge all-inclusive world.
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I don't really mind the idea of having individual sep. worlds. I'm not even looking for a single was never part of my ideal..

however, I had hopes of a central identity at least. and even perhaps, a central idea of you're identity.

I mean, how many of us have at least 2-3 chat programs, part of different social networks like myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. I'm not saying I want us to only be able to have one avatar or one identiy online....I'm just saying it'd be nice to have a central source.

Hmm.. as I typed that I realized the big flaw of that. The danger of putting all your eggs in once basket. oh well. nvm.

Okay. okay. how about this? Individual verses but what about the possibility of SEVERAL central hubs that can lead into the different worlds? Like a gaming hub for example. A place gamers from all over the world can hang out, chat, exchange strats, review games, sample games, comment live on frapped vids, socialize even. Where EQs and FFs and WoWzers celebrate in a giant orgy. lol. But you get my drift.

Because in WoW, there's never really anywhere you go if you just want to get on to socialize with other WoW players...'cept maybe the Barrens...but why would you want to socialize with minors? lol.


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