Sunday, October 22, 2006

Alachia is the Devil

I love the subtle references to Diablo in this game. I keep expecting for there to be an elite quest to form the horadic staff. :D


Anonymous said...

Haha you managed to take that pic in the 30 econds your a diablo :P

And wow posting seconds after you added this to the blog.

Alachia said...

yup. I was like "i'm a diablo! i'm a diablo! Quick, i need a pic!"

Anonymous said...

I had to google the staff to figure out what it was lol

And with my comp I barely had time to walk away from the innkeeper before it wore off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alachia I just remembered. Yesterday on Barrens General thay talked all about wow addiction. You can download it on this page here

Keep up the podcasts

Legault said...

When's the next episode of the podcast coming out? (19)

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