Thursday, October 19, 2006

This American Life

WoW. So Hot Toddy compared WoWcast to This American Life.
At first I was like..hmmm. NPR? I must be getting beyond boring. But I'm not one to blindly judge. So I subscribed to the podcast myself. Very interesting. It's a great podcast all about American Society and Culture.

From WBEZ in Chicago | This American Life

I've never heard anything like it. The reality of our society is so fucking fascinating watching MTV or VH1, you wouldn't know how interesting we all are.


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you listened to it, Alachia.

I listen to your episodes over and over again, because I really love the diverse topics you discuss. But you also share so much of who you are. Thank you!

Legault said...

I don't think it was necessary to post your picture, that seems quite strange to me.

Ah, well. Alachia, when's the next episode of the podcast coming out (episode 19).

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