Monday, October 30, 2006

Give me your Turtle mount, kay?

Shame on Blizzard, The Card Game Trinket Fiasco - Page 1 of 1 - Gameworld Network.

sooo...whose gonna fork over the 2100 so I can get a Turtle mount??

The way I see it, Blizzard is a model for a succesful gaming company. You don't gain profit or success without branding and appealing to hardcore fans. Just look at Macs. The formula is to take a corner of the market that has yet to be branded (multi-media) and find a way to brand it...then feed it like crack to the kids. Before macs, i-tunes, i-pods, there was NO such thing as paying for downloaded music. Now, they've made it COOL to pay for music, videos, etc... and it's been cash money from there!

watch out, it's only a matter of time before podcasts cost you .99cent. BLEH!!!!

So Blizzard has made in-game objects and going virtual "cool" to the masses. They don't promote gold farming BUT for 2100 bucks, you have a chance to buy yourself some funky in-game mount!!! DROOOOL. Succesful model of business is that all money flows to you. That's why Blizzard has been around for so long and will continue amazing success.

Now if I can just appeal to them to make an FPS MMORPG....I'd be set for life.


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