Sunday, October 22, 2006

So we were in the Yeti Cave in Southshore....

Just when we were reminising over the old days of Tauren Mill Open World PvP....

SOoooo.. I wonder how many great WoW war stories start out with "we were in the yeti cave in southshore...when..."

lol. SO, we were in the yeti cave in southshore and a little gankage started right outside the cave. they ganked us, we ganked back. then they brought in 4 level 60s and decided they would camp our level 30 bodies. so we logged out. as soon as we did, the other people in the guild were like "horde problems?" ..and I was like "they want to camp our bodies, we'll give them a fucking camp fire"

heh. and so we got our 60s to southshore and started ganking back. the next thing we know, they are falling back to tauren mill. as we arrive there, we see 3 more level 60 horde flying in. they make a push forward and then we push them back in. then the guards come out and push us back. the next thing we know, three more alliance show up on our side and several more show up on the horde side.

30 minutes later and it's a full out war on Tauren Mill and we've lost at least one hour of our leveling time. :D You can literally go back and forth between Tauren Mill and Southshore for hours.

RAWRRR! Got Flint and Tinder?


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