Sunday, October 29, 2006

Starman and Alachia fool around in the DeepRun Tram

With news that the expansion has been postponed till January 2007, I think we're all going a little looney.

Instead of leveling or raiding nax, Starman and I decided to have a little bit of deeprun tram fun!! woo woo! ;)

heheh. I hooked up with Starman on his server and we decided to race through the deeprun tram from ironforge to stormwind.

I have always been told that this was a huge distance. Apparently, it is not. Along our race, there were many many parts that opened up into larger platforms. I noted that these would be great places to hold raves.

About midway through the tunnel, when it opens up to the aquarium, we had to stop and take note of a lot of cool shit we had never seen before. We found Nessy, a gnome diver, a siren, and a shark!!! Pretty awesome. I'd recommend making the run just to go check those mobs out.

Starman tried to attack Nessy who was an elite mob but she remained safe from his moonfire through the glass. :(

Afterwards, we harassed people as they came through the tram and then slaughtered a million rats.

Yes, we are going crazy with out BC!!!

hehehhe. And yes, that's T3 shit Starman has on. pwnage.


Anonymous said...

It's possible to get behind the glass but I won't share that with you. :P

Anonymous said...

Whos the Druid with some T3?Alachia or idk wtf starman is

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