Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WoW BC, get it while its hot

Went to Best Buy on the way home from work today. They are completely out of B2142. They're not getting any in until Saturday. WTF? If B2142 already sold out on the release date, can you imagine what release date for WoW BC is going to be like?! HOLY BOLOGNA!

So I drove straight to Game Stop and pre-ordered 3 copies of WoW BC right after that.



Exciter said...

After reading this blog in Panera Bread, I quickly drove over to Gamestop to pre-order my copy. The salesman said they are only releaseing 2 million copies for the release date, that's a little scary. Hmm, do I pre-order 2 and put one up on E-bay...
However, I noticed you can still order the CE online from Gamestop, weird.


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