Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode 19 Supplement

Episode 19 Node Supplements
Links to some of the significant nodes:

Deadly Plague Hits Warcraft world
The Impact of Gold Farming
Opening of the Gates of Ahn' Qiraj

Be sure to send me a heads up or mail at if you think I missed any!



Anonymous said...

Well, here I am again working on a Saturday...just got the chance to listen to your episode 18 and 19...I love it! As always you have a way of saying things that I usually just can't put into words...I got your e-mail and am working on getting Skype still...once I do I'll definitely get in touch with you, unfortunately being in work it's difficult to access my other e-mail, I didn't forget to respond, I'm just super busy. Hit 40 with my Pally, yay for a free mount, then I stopped playing, haven't touched the game in 2 days...ack! I'm going through withdrawls lol...well, enough of my blabbing, as always keep up the good work and I'll probably be talking with you soon.


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