Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blood Elf Males too G*y...?? WTF? WoW Overwhelmed By Homophobes, Make Blood Elves Less "Feminine"!

Hmmm. There's nothing wrong or not sexy about a thin-set man. Japanese anime character models are all practically anorexic and yet they somehow manage to look very masculine. Perhaps the key is to have the character wield a sword ten times larger than they are. ;) "it's not how big you are, it's how big your sword is!"

so, what do I have to do to get the Human female models to have a 18" waist? And what kind of petition do I have to sign to have the NE females have at least a C cup?? lol. Seriously, all of the male models in WoW look stupid. It was attempted to make them look masculine and strong but instead they all ended up a bit clunky and blocky. That's why most of the men I know who play WoW all play female characters.

So what does it say when the men who play WoW prefer to go transgender rather than play their own sex?? Why then is it a problem to have a more slender, thin-set character if the alternative is to play female characters anyhow? I didn't think men who play WoW would be that self-conscious about their own masculinity. It's not like playing an MMO has anything to do with your gender anyhow. It's one of the least gender-defined activities I have found.


Legault said...

I would rather be a guy character because I am a guy, unlike my brother, who is a guy but plays a girl character. All of his friends think he's a girl.

Legault said...

All of his friends think he's a girl in the game, and whenever I see one of his friends I say, "Blah blah blah is my sibling" And they're like, I know her.

Alachia said...

but regardless of what character he plays, he's still a guy. playing a girl character doesn't change that.

Matt Tan said...

I've long given up trying to determine if a female character in-game is a male or female in RL.

Right now, I refer to all characters as "he" or "she" based on in-game gender, in party / guild chats etc. Easier for me.

Anyway, NE Males - buff machines! (totally). Even in robes (blah blah dress....meh) they look tough. Lv30 priest is still in Arugal's robes and that thing is cool.

Anonymous said...

I personally choose not to have a female character. But in the expansion I really wanna make one of the other classes(like half of the server :P)

But I don't like the dranei huge and fugly. So i'll probably roll a female dranei shaman.

Legault said...

I know besides what character he plays, he's still a guy, but anyway. I don't want to tell his friends he's a guy because then they might think he's a freak. Whatever, I'm done talking about this.

Anonymous said...

I prefer playing Males because I am a male and I can see the person more as me. I did have some girl characters and they are kick ass but i'd rather spend my time playing an awesome looking guy then being a girl

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