Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mechanical Animals

I haven't reserved my copy of World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Expansion yet. I feel like I'm playing with fire. A part of me thinks that it'll be fun to the first one in line the day of release and fight it out for a copy with the rest of the WoW junkies in Austin. Another part of me thinks there won't be a single copy left after all the games get reserved. I wonder how many people will show up to Fry's or Best Buy or Gamestop that day. I should bring my camera.

I can just see everyone now in the line outside waiting for the store to open: "what server do you play on?" "oh yeah, what's the 2 piece bonus on that set?" "and then his frost bolt crit me for like 3k damage!"

lol. should be fun. I wonder how many of us are going to be "sick" from work that day. :D


Edit 2:32PM: So I really was getting worried so I sent an email out to Taint, Sadin, and Felix.

On 10/18/06, **** wrote:
So. The Collector's Edition has already sold out.
I'm a little worried about getting the game when the expansion comes out.
Don't you think we should reserve a copy at Game Stop or something? It would really suck to have to wait 1-5 days to get it while everyone else is playing it.
There is a Game Stop on Brodie I think.

Taint's response: yeah we should do it this weekend.

So as long as the game pre-sell doesn't suddenly vanish by this weekend, I think we'll be safe.
Ashame it's not coming out till at least the 28th now. The 22nd would have been perfect! Thanksgiving weekend, can you imagine? Why we have to go out and do it togehter, I don't know. I guess it's just more exciting that way. Geeks-R-us :D


Anonymous said...

Im debating to get the CE edition or not... All I really like is some of the stuff added and the pet... So probably no.

Alachia said...

is the CE edition even still available for pre-order? i think they are out. :(

Legault said...

That's going to be hilarious to see all the people out at the game store living in a tent by the door for about a week. That's why the smart people pre-order it.

Anonymous said...

If I want it ill do whatever I want to get it. just a matter of if I should spend the money for it... Still thinking no.

Maclort said...

wow hold up, there was a release date for BC?
Man im outta the loop

Anonymous said...

I haven't set a reserve on it either...don't fret, you will not be the only one without the game when it releases... ;)


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