Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Rogue is Out of the Closet!

I know there are static characters out there. Those who will only play one character until the game dies or they die....in RL. But I love playing multiple characters.

Last night, I finally got to bring my rogue along to the second half of our ZG run. It was pretty awesome. We had two old cykos guildies come along and our dps was just sick. It felt so amazing to be up next the main bosses and mobs in an instance. It was like...I finally got to join the melee club...welcome to cleave city. Heh. It's so exhilarating. I loved it. The rush of spamming feint every cool down, vanishing when you've toppled agro, kicking, stunning...woot. Hell. When the clothies were jumping in their chairs that shit was on them, I got to be the one to come and try and pull mobs off of them at times.

I have experienced instances with my druid before. Healing is a whole other high I love as well. But it's so exciting getting to play my rogue with the big guns now. :) I'm sooo happy! Of course, I still can't shake that feeling like I should be sheeping something or giving people water and food.
I'll still play my mage but I'm really glad I'm getting a chance to play the rogue now too.

She's actually pretty geared...as geared as you can be almost pre-20 man raids without paying 300g and time to upgrade to .5 gear..which I plan on doing if we don't hit MC again soon. No ZG drops yet ..and she's only half way through netural in ZG rep. hey! Last night was pretty much her first run. Give her time!


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